Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reality TV Update

Currently Reading:
I've managed to read 7 books so far, with only 3 of the stories worth mentioning:  Sacking Austin by Lori Beth Johnson; Forgiving Patience by Jennifer Simpkins; and Two For The Price of One by Sandy  Sullivan.  All three are Recommended Reads.  Untangle My  Heart by Maria K. Alexander was good, only I grew bored with the middle and skipped to the last three chapters, when the plot action picked up.  Maybe when I can actually read more than one chapter at a time, I'll reread this one.

Currently, I'm getting ready to dive into Love Letter for a Sinner by Lynn Shura.  Just very frustrated by the limited access to my own Kindle at the moment.

As you know, I'm a fan of certain reality shows.  This week, two of my faves debuted, and we're off to a bang.

Amazing Race ala 'Do You Remember How This Race Is Played?'
A lot of my favorite teams are back, and so are a few I'd rather not see again.  One such couple are the annoying twins who were raised in India.  Apparently they left their collective brain at home, since they were on the fast-track to do well in the 1st leg.

They spotted the correct sign on the band member, and made it onto the 1st flight to China.  But everything went downhill from there.
-They either couldn't recognize the sign shop or misread it, going into the correct one, but second-guessed themselves and walked out, taking three team members with them, and led them on a merry chase through Wedding Row.  Fortunately, two of three teams following them wised up and struck out on their own.  The twins finally locate the shop again and collect their clue.

-Clue #2 led them to the top of a building, where they had to spot their clue on the door.

-They don't spot said clue until nearly the end of the ride; 'try again'.

-They get into car #2 (the ride is about 20 mins long) and 'try again.'

-They begin yelling at each other, then finally wise up they need to watch the other teams who get on, then leave.

And this is where my DVR cut it off.  They were in last place and were still on the ride.  I PM's a friend and asked her, "Pleeeeeeease tell me the annoying twins were eliminated?"  She answered back 'Yes.'

Survivor:  Apparently, It Takes More Than 'Brains' To Win
The tribes are divided into Beauty, Brains, and Brawn.  Brains immediately got off to a rocky start when no one knew how to build a shelter.  Seriously?  Did they all think 'I'll leave it to the more physical guys when it comes to building this thing'?  The nuclear engineer thought she knew how to do it, and began issuing orders.  But it fell apart, and they blamed her.

Day #2:  The other two tribes had shelter; Beauty even had fire.  Mr. Poker Player on Brains had an immunity idol.  At the challenge, Brains could not seem to work together and came in last.  Mr. President decided he wanted to vote out Ms Nuclear Engineer, and thought he had all the votes.  Wrong; he found himself voted out for being 'too bossy'.

Day #4:  Over at Brawn, one police officer recognizes her fellow officer, but he denies it, saying he's construction, thinking if it's known he's a PO, it will get him voted out.  Well, the other one is saying if he doesn't come clean, she's voting him out asap.

Meanwhile, over at Brain, they're still bickering.  At the challenge, they do manage to work together, and an sizable lead is acquired.  HOWEVER, they let Ms Nuclear Engineer work the puzzle, and she can't seem to figure it out.  When the other teams catch up and pass her, she panics and loses the challenge.  Again, Mr. Poker Player announces they need to vote her out.

After the challenge, the beefy 'construction worker' aka PO guy dismantles the fishing gear and finds the clue to their hidden immunity idol.  He pockets it; puts the gear back together, then goes off and finds it.  Two of three idols are now found.

Then Brains do a incredibly stupid thing:  They announce Ms NE will be voted out, so what's the point in talking further?  Two women go off to wash their feel, and the other two men join her.  Meanwhile, back at camp, Ms NE has a meltdown and dumps all the rice into the fire.  A plot was hatched to vote out the idiot with the idol, but after arriving back at camp and seeing what MNE did to their rice, it's up in the air as to what will happen.

At Tribal, the three women ganged up on Mr. Poker Player, who, by the way, announced 'he didn't want to play Survivor to survive; he wanted the challenges', and who had left his entire pack, along with the IDOL back at camp!  I can hardly wait to see who will look in his pack and find that idol!

Where are these people's brains?  Just because you have a high IQ does not give you a free pass to forget the basic rules of Survivor:  Keep your friends close and enemies closer.  Did neither Mr. President nor Mr. Poker Player learn ANYTHING from Boston Rob or the other winners?  Sheesh!

I bet Boston Rob was yelling at the TV last night and will give both of these guys an earful at the finale!  Or better yet, show up at the airport and yell at both of 'em.  And MPP forgot one of the rules of poker:  You don't ever tip your hand too early!  Play with your cards close to the chest.  I bet his poker buddies are tearing into him.

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