Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cody's Back! #BB19

Yes, I missed two episodes due to singing karaoke and another trip to Chicago.  Tried to use a friend's Xfinity account, but wouldn't you know it.....BB is only available 'in house'.  Bleh.  So I watched tonight having NO clue what transpired last week.

Friendly Game Of Pool???
WTH is up with Josh? Is he trying to get himself evicted?  Yeah, Mark didn't act very adult either.

'My Boyfriend's Back...."
Jess is happy she has her man back in the house, and to his credit, Cody seems to have learned his lesson from the Week 1 Fiasco.

Admittedly, I was hoping Cam would return, but hey, then I wouldn't have anything to gripe about, right?  LOL!  Still, I was happy he advanced to the 2nd round.

Wrong Strategy, Kids....
Everyone should have focused their punishments on Jess.  I was thrilled when Jason seemed to understand this concept....but still, she ended up the winner and seems to have anther target in mind.  She ALSO took the Halting Hex temptation, meaning she can stop anyone from getting evicted in the next 4 weeks.  So this should be interesting, and it means both she and Cody are safe.  Paul, however, is not, though a possible alliance has sprung up between P and C.  Jess, however, wants P out.

Josh and Ramses
These two are  up on the block, and I'm hoping noms will stay the same.  Jess realizes they don't have the votes to get P out, and frankly, I'm tired of his whiny attitude.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Flashback Friday: New Venture and A Trip To Canada!

July 1997:
The spouse began attending Quixtar/Amway meetings, and even switched our telephone over to MCI, instead of AT&T.  It supposedly not only lowered our bill, but we'd get paid a small amount for switching.  I wasn't thrilled, but agreed to go with him at times, and even began ordering some of the products.

We broke ground on our new home, and things seemed to be looking up.  The kids and I took a picnic lunch one day and watched our house being brought in to be set up on the foundation.  Met one of our new neighbors, who seemed friendly.

When I went to the apartment complex office to arrange for a month-to-month lease, I made a shocking discovery.

"We weren't going to renew your lease anyway, because of the white dog and the boxes you insist on keeping in the hallway."

Ummmmm.....okaaaay.....the dog wasn't ours, it belonged upstairs.  Our Norweigan Elkhound, Shadow, whom we'd had for nearly a year, wasn't registered, but I wasn't going to volunteer that information!  Also, the boxes were outside my door, behind the wall that supported the staircase.  The only ones who could see them besides us were my very understanding next door neighbors, who did NOT have any issues with them!  So what the hell was management's problem?  It seemed we were leaving at a good time.

When I told Frankie, the head of security about it, he was amazed, since any 'tenant issues' went through him first!  He'd received no complaints of Hercules (the American Eskimo upstairs, whom I took care of occasionally), Shadow, or the box issue.  As far as he was concerned, we were good tenants.

Whirlwind Trip To Vancouver!
As I stated back in Jan, my sister married a Canadian.  They planned their official wedding reception for the last weekend in July, so the kids and I left on Wednesday.  Spent all day on the plane, and K was thrilled he'd gotten a chance to check out the cockpit:)  While flying to Seattle, we sat near a woman who lived in Tacoma, so she pointed out Mt. Hood in Oregan, Mt. Rainier, and the Snake River.  Mom and Dad met us at Sea-Tac, and we drove 3 hours to Twasson.

Thursday, we ate breakfast with Granny M, and went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Friday, we took the kids to Stanley Park and the Aquarium.  D arrived late that night, and the reception was on Saturday.

A couple of humorous things occurred:
-Little S was potty-training, and refused to use the public toilets.  So she ran around the CSB in a shirt and pull up.  My sister was slightly alarmed, but I assured her it was perfectly all right for a 3 y/o to do so.

-At the park, S wanted Uncle Chris to push her on the swings.  He pushed her a little too high and she fell off....laughing:)

-At the Aquarium, it grew hot during the Beluga whale show, so K and Shunta stripped off their shirts.  Not to be left out, so did S.  Again, my sister was outraged.   I told her to calm down.

-During dinner with my sister's new in-laws on Friday, Chris's mother Nancy came over to where I was sitting with my sister's oldest and dearest friend, and proceeded to tell us what her other children were doing.  One was in Australia, her other son was in Japan, and another was very successful.  We'd already heard this from W, so we politely nodded and tried to encourage more conversation.  She soon moved on, and Kris and I looked at each other.

"Apparently, she failed to impress us."

-While we were riding in the car, the topic of D's new venture came up.  Kris and her hubby were pursuing it also, but W slammed ours.  Then in the next breath, asked K, "So how is yours going?" and seemed supportive.  This ruffled me.  Why was it okay for K but not us?  Made no sense.

-At the wedding reception, there was an incredible ice sculpture of a globe.  At one point, both my children were captured on film licking it.  Again, my sister was outraged.

-When W's friends Susan and Ted arrived, they brought with them the gag gift that W had given them at S's wedding shower, a leather chastity belt my dad had made.  Now, it had been 'gussied up' with a feather whip and handcuffs.  W laughed when she saw it, and tried it on, plus playfully aimed the whip at Chris!

-I was able to 'zing' my sister, something I don't often get the chance to do.  Back in '94, when she expressed concern over my decision to baptize S Catholic, I explained that we'd compromised.  She had stated, "Compromise is not in my vocabulary."

Fast-forward to now:  W was going on and on how stressed out she was, because..."He had his ideas on what was going to happen, and I had my ideas.  So we compromised."

My ears perked up.  "I'm SO happy that word finally entered your vocabulary!"

She looked at me for a moment, then shook her head.  "Oh shut up, Molls!"

Score one for me:)  My parents could barely contain their laughter!  My dad later patted me on the back for zinging her!

Sunday, we returned back to Sea-Tac and flew home.  With the 3 hour time change and the whirlwind trip, my appetite didn't have time to adjust, so I know I lost a few pounds:)

Next Month:  K Begins Kindergarten!

Present Day:
I'm off to Chicago again today!  Going to meet Mom at O'Hare and help her get settled in the motel, then tomorrow we head home in the afternoon.  I'm also getting together with classmates at Sgt. Preston's downtown.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dominique Vs Paul #BB19

A very exciting Power of Veto game was played last night.  Contestants had to cross a shaky teeter-totter type bridge fifty times.  Christmas was not allowed to compete; Kevin had balance issues and finally decided to claim the monetary prize ($27!); Dominique had bouts where she kept her balance, but ultimately fell at a crucial moment, sending her score back to zero.  Jess also struggled, but was never in serious contention.  Alex and Jason, however, battled for the lead, with Jason claiming it about ten or so seconds ahead of Alex.  Now he had a MAJOR decision to make.

At first, his mind was made up.  He was going to pull Jess down.  But, who to put up in her place?  Alex wanted to put up Mark, to ensure he wouldn't vote for Dom.  But Mark was adamant about not being put up.  Jason wanted to put up Raven, to really stack the votes against Dom, but Alex was adamant.  Mark, or keep the noms the same.  So with a heavy heart, Jason refused to use his POV.

Paul The Snake?
Paul needs to watch his back; Dom is wise to the game he's playing, only she's calling him a snake instead of 'Puppet Master'.  I love Paul and would love to see him win, but at the same time, Dom is laying the groundwork for all the pieces to fall into place after she's gone.  I like P and Alex's 'secret alliance', but will she wise up to the fact he's actually playing her?  We've seen in past seasons where an early power alliance has fallen apart by the 5th or 6th week.

We'll see how the next HOH competition goes.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Return of Christmas and Queen Alex:) #BB19

I am so thrilled Alex is HOH this week!

I've decided I really don't like Elena.

OMG..Christmas is back, and will be on crutches for nearly the entire summer?  Plus there's a chance she'll never regain full use/mobility in that foot again?  Ten fall didn't look that bad!  My question is, should she have returned to the game?  I know there is a chance she could win HOH, but how will she get upstairs?  Is this why the Den of Temptation is over this week?  I thought it would end when all the house guests have been tempted.  How can she expect to compete in challenges?  I'm surprised her doctor/surgeon didn't pull her from the game for medical reasons.

Jessica and Dominique are up for eviction this week:)  Jess is the main target, but Dom's 'talk show' has raised some red flags in Paul's mind.  I really need to get back home to see last Thursday's show; I wasn't paying that close attention while I made copies of recipes for my mom.

Stay tuned.....

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flashback Friday: Rosie The Rivetor!

July 1987:
After discovering I was not suited for any job involving plastic and conveyor belts, I was sent to Wabash National.  My job was simple:  insert rivets into the metal sides of what would become a semi-trailer.  I actually enjoyed this job.  I could keep up with the guys loading the metal onto the side table; I enjoyed applying the tape to the metal shims; and I didn't mind pushing a broom around, sweeping up sawdust and metal shavings. Only a handful of women worked there, which suited me; I enjoyed working with the guys and joking around with them.  After a week, a new girl joined our crew and while she and I got along well, it was soon apparent that our foreman favored me.  Jeff had graduated from a rival HS, and the day we both showed up with our senior shirts on, the others joked about the 'war'.  I just smiled and stated that everyone knew who had graduated from the 'better school', ha ha!  Toward the end of the month, the guys began pressing me to go out with them after work, but I was always greasy and tired, so declined the offer.  However, one night turned out to be a cleaner night, so I went, and proved to be good at darts.

Bill, one of the guys who joked around with me the most, asked me out, and one night after work, we went to a local nightclub and danced, then arranged to see each other on the weekend.

Bad Judgment
I spent the weekend with one of my former roommates, and when we arrived at the bar, two men soon joined us, uncle and nephew.  BJ had pressed me to try a Fuzzy Naval, but when I realized it had orange juice, I gave mine to her.  We both thought the nephew was cute, and when expressed a desire to change his shirt, we all went back to the room with him.  His uncle decided to inform me of his marital status, and showed me pics of his wife and kids.  I didn't find him particularly attractive anyway, and was especially dismissive of him after I found out he was married!

"Why did you come back here, then?"

I pointed at the bathroom door, where D and BJ had gone.  "To keep her out of trouble."  He got mad and huffed out of the room.

Later, when D and BJ emerged, the three of us went for a drive, and, not knowing what had transpired in the bathroom, I was thrilled with D began paying attention to me.  While making out with him in the back of BJ's car, I discovered she'd driven through the drive-through at McD's to pass the time while we were busy!

After dropping D back at the bar, BJ and I returned to her house, where she told me what had gone on in the bathroom!

New Cousin!!!
My aunt gave birth to my new cousin, Billy:)  I could hardly wait to see him!

Next Month:  I'm On The Receiving End of Jealousy.

Present Day:
I'm off to Chicago with my mom today!  We'll be spending the night, then she has to be at O'Hare by 5am, to catch her plane to Vancouver, then after an hour layover, catch the plane to Whitehorse:)  My job is to make sure she makes that early flight, lol!  Then I catch the bus shuttle back to Lafayette.

The Next Person Eliminated is......
Cody!!!  But wait, there's another I knew would possibly happen.  Cody, Jillian, Cam, and whomever is voted out next week all get to compete for the chance to return!  Personally, I'd like to see Cam return.....unless one of my other faves gets eliminated next week.

We'll have to wait until Sun to find out who won the HOH competition,.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Operation Get Cody Out?? #BB19

Den of Temptation:
Cody, Jess, and Jason were turned into VeToads, and have to hop everywhere and sleep on lily pads.  Cody claims he's not bothered by the froggy costume, but he looks furious.

Ramses Conflicted?
On one hand, he doesn't want to be on the block.  On the other, he knows everyone wants Cody gone, and in order for that to happen, R has to throw the veto competition.

Paul:  Not paying attention caused him to get delay after delay...after delay....but was successful on #4 and 5

Alex, Elena, Josh, and Matt all had to take delays on all 5 terminals.

Ramses:  #1:  Delay.  #2:  Delay.  #3:  Delay.  #4:  Got it:)  #5:  Delay.

P:  4:37 WINNER!!!!
A:  16:38
E: 22:35
J:  7:48
R: 7:44
M:  11:32

Veto Meeting:
Josh went off on Cody and Jess.  Cody retaliated by calling J a baby and a victim.  Paul used the veto on Josh, and told Cody to hop to the block.  Checkmate.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Paul's House:) #BB19

*cue dance music*

Oh yeah....oh yeah....Paul won HOH!  Cody is being an absolute a$$ about it, and so is Jess. When Paul's room was ready, she refused to visit it.

P nominated two pawns, Alex and Josh.  Ramses used his curse nomination to put himself up as well.  Let's hope P convinces him to throw the competition so either of the others can pull themselves off and put up Cody!

Watching the fight for power was humorous.  Jess and Alex were trying vainly to win HOH; Kevin came close a few times.  The rest were feeding their tickets to Paul, who after numerous tries, finally accomplished his goal.  Cody was furious!

In the Den of Temptation, Christmas was chosen to be tempted by the Ring of Replacement, in which she can switch places with someone in a challenge.  In return, she cursed Jason, Cody, and Jess with
'veto curses', which remains to be explained.

Looking forward to Wednesday night!