Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flashback Saturday....

Yeah, I forgot to post this yesterday.

July 1996:
Took my new 2 y/o to the pool after celebrating her birthday at Aunt Linda's and the rest of the family.  We learned the sad news that our favorite pool monitor had died unexpectedly after the opening of the Circle Center Mall, due to an allergic reaction.

Slow Strip Tease....My Daughter the Flirt?
Little S, after an hour of interacting with Jeff, the new pool monitor, draped her towel around her and walked toward him, the towel gradually falling from her tiny body.  As she got closer, the towel kept slipping....until she stood right in front of him, said towel now on the ground.  She faced him, arms held out to the sides by her hips, as if to say, "Well?  Aren't you going to pick it up?"

I burst out laughing.

"Jeff, she's trying to get your attention!"

He grinned sheepishly, then stood up to retrieve her towel.  "I wasn't even looking at her.  I was watching the kids in the deep end!"

S took the towel and made her way back to us.

Next Month:  My Baby's Off To School!

Present Day:
Going to Open Mic Night, and if she's feeling better, then MDQ will go with me, before I head out to karaoke.  ME and MDQ are returning home tomorrow, and this past week, we also enjoyed a whirlwind visit with former Adoptee #2, Miss Izzabelle:)

Secret Project #1:  Nearly complete; I hope to finish it this week!
Secret Project #2:  We've officially entered Phase #6!  We'll find out in the next two weeks if there will be a Phase #7:)

Karaoke Songs:
Let Your Love Flow
Let It Be
Let It Go (James Bay version)
Let's Go All The Way

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Flashback Friday: Summer School!

July 1986:
Brief recap:  Since JD had indulged in a fling at MDA camp, and I had my own summer fling while on vacation in Florida, I returned home with a new confidence.  I looked forward to my next project, a 5 week summer school, where EY and I would be sharing a room.  The summer looked promising!

I arrived home in time for friend KC's birthday party. I confess to looking fantastic, and feeling pretty good about myself, and even though JD was in attendance, and we had a good time, I only gave him a good night kiss at the end of the evening.

The next few days were spent packing for my summer school trip.  EY and I arrived at Morris Hall, and found we were in the 1st room to the right of the doors; everyone else was farther down.  The only thing we were dismayed to discover was the public shower. We were, after all, in a boys' dorm!  We registered; unpacked; and prepared to enjoy our two classes:  Sociology and Weight Lifting.

Two basketball players were in our Soci class, and we soon made friends with them.  Dolas even helped me slam-dunk a basketball one day when we showed up to watch him practice! We were also impressed when he could lift the entire stack of weights on one of the machines!

The first day of weight class, EY and I discovered we loved the Roman Chair.  We did so many reps of forward and backward, we didn't realize what we were doing to our stomach muscles.....until we tried to get out of bed the next morning.  Try getting down out of an upper bunk bed when your entire set of abdominal muscles are screaming at you!

We also became 'lobby lizards', playing Euchre with various people in the lobby.  We made friends with both RA's, which came in very handy the night they let a few of us girls 'raid' the boys....and missed the cutoff time!  I was nervous about being written up, but since it was my 1st offence, all I got was a verbal warning.

One night, I met TH while playing cards.  We started out playing footsie under the table, which led to a walk, which progressed to making out on the baseball bleachers.  Even when we got back to the dorm, the fire door was open between the two wings and we spent more time in 'no man's land' kissing and saying good night.  TH lived in Carmel, and since I wanted to know where I stood with JD, I traveled up with him for the weekend and borrowed his car to go hash things out with JD.

He confessed he still had feelings for A, the girl at camp, and didn't know which one of us he liked better.  I offered up a solution:  Not to see either of us until school was over, then to call me and let me know.  (I was 90% positive he would choose me; I knew from experience 'camp romances' never lasted very long!)  JD agreed.....then followed me back to TH's house, where I had to excuse myself at one point when the one-upmanship got too much to bear!  Nevertheless, TH and I returned to the university and began a 'FWB' relationship, though we didn't call it that back then.

I also alarmed EY's boyfriend when he came down for a weekend.  EY hadn't told him about the breakup, so when he saw me flirting with a guy in the pool, he assumed that's how EY behaved when they were apart!  I had to set him straight.

EY and I also began working at Market Street Station, a wonderful steakhouse in town.  We switched off during the week as dishwashers, then on weekends we took turns bussing tables.  The extra money for pizzas was nice!

Next Month:  Relationship Highs and Lows

Present Day:
Received some startling news last night, as I was walking out the door, from my Pulmonary Function Test.  More will be disclosed after I see the doctor next week.

Phase #4 of Secret Project #2 is in full swing....more will be  disclosed in a few weeks.

Karaoke Songs for Tomorrow:
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul and Mary
Let Me Be The One-Jetts
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John
Let The Music Play-Shannon

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: Happy Bicentennial, America!

July 1976:
We celebrated America's 200th birthday with a cookout at a friends' house and some mischief:)

The weather was wonderful for a backyard picnic for several families, and we feasted on the usual cookout food.  Somewhere along the line, I had acquired a fake ice cube with a fake fly on it, and had brought it along, hoping to trick someone.  I decided to slip it into our host's drink, and since I'd let other kids in on the joke, we anxiously watched Don's face for his reaction.

None came.

Finally, I went up to him and asked if he'd noticed anything strange in his drink, and he said he'd tossed an ice cube over his shoulder.  We gasped, then revealed what we'd done.  We spent several minutes decifering where the cube had landed, and after several frantic moments of sifting through grass, dirt, and flowers, it was finally found against the fence.

Lesson learned:  Pick another adult next time!

After dinner, we headed downtown for the fireworks, but was disappointed that we couldn't see the ground displays.  I remember watching the National Fireworks on TV around the Statue of Liberty.

My dad also was driving a VW Beetle, and my sister and I marveling at the fact the engine was in the back, while the 'trunk' was in the front!  I also thank god we were skinny; I still don't know how we endured having the entire family in that VW!

Next Month:  Florida and Starting 5th Grade:)

Present Day:
I'm getting ready for my trip to Peoria, IL, for Writers on the River at the Par-A-Dice Hotel/Casino tomorrow!  Hoping I do well there, since I'm heavily in debt to everyone, lol!  I also get $10 in free tokens, so maybe I can find someone to turn that $10 into a couple hundred?

Secret Project #1:  We've reached Phase #3!  All will be revealed when the final phase has been reached!

Karaoke Update:
Sang You're The Inspiration, Independence Day, and I Got The Boy last night.  Finally got that one line in ID right, and DJ Brower told me I totally rocked that song:)

If I make it to karaoke tomorrow night, I'll sing as many of these as I can:
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul, and Mary
Let Me Be The One-Expose
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John
Let The Music Play-Shannon

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2016

July Reading Schedule

How did I do in June?
-Work on Heart Song (am I a broken record or what?)  Added 700+ words, so????
-Send Kira to editor, along with 1st payment  Not yet...
-Send cover request to DD, along with 1st payment  Not yet....
-Make 2nd payment to B  Not yet....
-Pay RW for Orion Antho  Forgot to take my $$ with me, grrrrr.....
-Do well at Heaps of Jeeps Festival  Zero direct sales, but hoping for some from online! Very good day!
-Do well at Legends Garden Party  Sold one....yay, gas $$!!!
-Do well at Corning Irish Festival  Sold one and was invited to sing with the band, so yay!
-Declutter basement and storage unit  Halfway there!
-Enroll Tween in football  Still watching for announcement....
-Finish ghost story  Not even close....
-Lose 5+ pounds  Managed to lose 3:)

Books Read:  7
            Print:  5
            E-Book:  2

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  18

July Goals:
-Work on Heart Song and Ghost Story
-Do well at tonight's First Friday Art Walk  Sold one and got to see friends:)
-Do well at Peoria/Writers On The River  Sold 4....I can now finish paying for KABB!
-Send Kira off to editor along  with 1st payment
-Send Kira's cover off to artist along with 1st payment
-Make 2nd payment to B
-Finish paying for KABB
-Pay for Watermelon Fest  Check:)
-Pay for OA
-Make 1st payment to Imaginarium
-Do well at other craft fair??
-Enroll Tween in football
-Finish de-cluttering basement and storage
-Finish 2 secret projects

July Reading List:
To Love or Not To Love-Jean Joachim  DRR!  Loved this!

Karaoke Songs:
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling-Hall and Oats part was good...
Doncha-Pussy Cat Dolls  Surprisingly, this was even good!
Waiting for A Girl Like You-Foreigner  Not too bad;little screachy on the chorus
Waiting For A Star To Fall-Boy Meets Girl  Slightly high, but not too bad...

Waiting For Tonight-Jennifer Lopez  Did well!
Don't Go Breaking My Heart-Elton John/Kiki Dee Gary and I nailed it:)
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Wham  Got through it, but too low in parts.  :(

Wake Up Call-Maroon 5
Eat It-Weird Al
Wake Up Little Susie-Everly Brothers
Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day

Learning To Fly-Foo Fighters  Ugh.  Was praised for my effort though!
Leather and Lace-Stevie Nicks/Don Hendley  Good:)  Sang it with Mark, who kinda knew it, lol!
Leave A Light On-Belinda Carlisle  DNH
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul and Mary  Not too bad...
Let Me Be The One-Expose  Rough, but was told it was good, so???
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John  Nailed it!
Let The Music Play-Shannon  Surprisingly enough, this was pretty good!
Let Your Love Flow-Bellamy Brothers
Let's Go All the Way-Sly Fox
Let It Be-The Beatles
Let It Go-James Bay
Lifeline-Papa Roach

Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashback Friday: House Hunting

June 2006:
I began scouring the Sunday paper for rentals in our area, but  wasn't finding anything in our price range.  K was busy with BSA activities, and was elected Senior Patrol Leader.

Mom H called us on a regular basis, wanting to  talk about shows she'd seen on TV, forgetting we didn't have cable.  D's aunt also began calling us at least once a month, to complain about the fact we weren't coming down often enough to check on her.

J and I set up at the Hazelwood Fish Fry, and I did manage to sell a few books. I don't think she was very successful in gaining anyone's interest in the PrePaid Legal though.

Next Month: Possible lead on a house???

Present Day:
I've been busy helping out with VBS snacks every morning this week:)  Tomorrow is Billie's Disney-themed Karaoke Birthday Party, which we are sharing in spirit:)  I'm going as Elsa, and yes, I plan to sing Let It Go:)

Sunday, I'll be setting up at the Corning Irish Festival.

Other Songs:
Leader of the Pack
Lean On Me
Learn To Fly
Leather and Lace

Friday, June 17, 2016

Flashback Friday: Witnessing A Mistake

June 1996:
My upstairs friend and neighbor was getting married.

One day she came downstairs and asked me how to get out of it.  I told her there were three ways: 1) Leave him at the alter; 2) Pick a fight and throw the ring at him in the middle of it; or 3) Be honest and simply call it off.

"But Mom and Dad have shelled out sooo much money, and put down non-refundable deposits....I'd feel guilty."

"They want you to be happy!  I don't think they'd object.  It would cost more for marriage counseling or divorce in the long run."  I tried to get her to see it my way.

"But we'll have beautiful children..."  (Brilliant reason to get married, right?  Snort!)

In the end, she chickened out and went through with it.  My spouse refused to attend, so I went alone.  I had a funny moment; I spotted one of her friends wearing the exact same dress and accessories as I was!

I decided to deal with it asap, and went over to her to introduce myself, since we had met on a couple of occasions.  She was rather snotty, though.

"Yes, yes, we're wearing the same dress."

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your obvious good taste in clothing."  I walked off.

At the reception, she made sure to stay on the opposite side of the room from me (eye roll).  I left after the cake cutting and went home to bathe my kids and put them to bed, then to return to the party.  I found the bride having a drunken meltdown.

"What the hell have I done?  I've ruined my life!  I don't want to be married to HIM!  Why didn't anyone SAY anything?"

She was surrounded by friends, who made sure the groom wasn't around to hear her tears, and they did manage to sober her up.

The DJ noticed I was alone, and came down to dance with me, even propositioning me a few times!  But I refused.  Donna Summer's 'Last Dance' was the final one, and I danced with the bride's very good looking brother!  Then it  was home again, where I had to listen to my grumpy spouse gripe about why I chose to attend the disaster of a wedding, and why I felt the need to leave him alone with the kids.

I tried not to let his mood sour my good time.

The kids and I spent a lot of time at the pool, and we looked forward to the soon-opening of the downtown Circle Center Mall.

Next Month:  My 2 y/o daughter is a flirt....

Present Day:
The weather's been up in the 90s, but dropped back to 86 today.  Not sure if we're going to attend the family reunion tomorrow or not.

Karaoke songs:
Lay It On The Line
Lay Your Hands On Me
Le Freak
Lead Me On

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Flashback Friday: A Memorable Vacation!

June 1986:
With my AF officer overseas and spring semester over, I began to 'finally' concentrate on my relationship with JD.  Only, I'd waited too long.  I had guarded my heart, since I was positive all BJG had to do was snap her fingers and he'd drop me like a hot potato.  When that didn't happen, I started opening up a little more.

Big Mistake.

I also need to back up a bit:  In May, BG had finally contacted me, but our 'reunion' had been a disaster, esp since I was meeting him at his girlfriend's house, and I was terrified of her coming home early from work and catching us. I went to see him two days later and told him I could no longer see him, except as a friend.  He agreed, and told me he'd see me over the summer, since I'd told him I'd be attending summer school.

Anyway, roomies BJG and EY were looking forward to working at the MDA camp up in Monticello, along with JD, and invited me up for the dance.  But they told me the wrong night, and when I arrived, suddenly the tension in the air was so thick, I wondered what was going on.  JD was nowhere to be found, and my roomies were very guarded in conversation.  When JD DID materialize, he didn't greet me affectionately, then he took me for a walk.

He confessed to developing feelings for another counselor, which I reassured him I was fully appreciative of the 'band camp romance', which normally doesn't last past two weeks.  I told him I wasn't upset; but to keep me informed.

I spent another hour chatting with my friends and meeting their campers, then I left and drowned my sorrows in a large chocolate DQ sundae.

Mom was at band camp that week, and my sister was out with friends, so I curled up next to my dad, who was watching TV, and told him the news.  Dad passed me his bag of chips and we watched TV together in comfortable silence.

The following week, I left for Florida, and since I still didn't know where I stood with JD, I didn't refuse a man I met one night at The Point, my favorite place to sit and write at twilight.  He asked me out, plus began joining me in the pool every afternoon.  Grandma knew his parents, and approved of my going out with him.  He was 40 to my 20, but we had a great time that  week!  He took me to nice restaurants, bought me a pina colada at an outside bar, and we walked the beach.  We also saw 3 or 4 movies during that two-week period.  During Karate Kid 2, I decided I was  ready to take the next step, and I confess I don't really remember much of that movie; I was anticipating our walk on the beach, and going back to 'our' catamaran, where we'd had some pretty good make-out sessions!

Our final date, I took my camera along, and got pictures of the two of us.  He offered to  take me to the airport for my flight back, but Grandma said no.  RR and I exchanged mailing addresses and agreed to keep in touch.

I was thrilled;my 1st official summer fling!

Next Month:  Summer School!

Present Day:
I have a busy weekend ahead!  Tomorrow I'll be at Heaps of Jeeps festival, then on Sunday, go to the Legion Garden Party in Washington:)

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Land of Confusion  (hoping to get the full song this time!)  Nailed it:)
Last Kiss Slightly low, but still sounded good!
Last Name  DNH....adding this to Thurs...
Last Dance  Didn't think it sounded TOO awful!  I did receive a compliment:)

Have a great weekend!