Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashback Friday: House Hunting

June 2006:
I began scouring the Sunday paper for rentals in our area, but  wasn't finding anything in our price range.  K was busy with BSA activities, and was elected Senior Patrol Leader.

Mom H called us on a regular basis, wanting to  talk about shows she'd seen on TV, forgetting we didn't have cable.  D's aunt also began calling us at least once a month, to complain about the fact we weren't coming down often enough to check on her.

J and I set up at the Hazelwood Fish Fry, and I did manage to sell a few books. I don't think she was very successful in gaining anyone's interest in the PrePaid Legal though.

Next Month: Possible lead on a house???

Present Day:
I've been busy helping out with VBS snacks every morning this week:)  Tomorrow is Billie's Disney-themed Karaoke Birthday Party, which we are sharing in spirit:)  I'm going as Elsa, and yes, I plan to sing Let It Go:)

Sunday, I'll be setting up at the Corning Irish Festival.

Other Songs:
Leader of the Pack
Lean On Me
Learn To Fly
Leather and Lace

Friday, June 17, 2016

Flashback Friday: Witnessing A Mistake

June 1996:
My upstairs friend and neighbor was getting married.

One day she came downstairs and asked me how to get out of it.  I told her there were three ways: 1) Leave him at the alter; 2) Pick a fight and throw the ring at him in the middle of it; or 3) Be honest and simply call it off.

"But Mom and Dad have shelled out sooo much money, and put down non-refundable deposits....I'd feel guilty."

"They want you to be happy!  I don't think they'd object.  It would cost more for marriage counseling or divorce in the long run."  I tried to get her to see it my way.

"But we'll have beautiful children..."  (Brilliant reason to get married, right?  Snort!)

In the end, she chickened out and went through with it.  My spouse refused to attend, so I went alone.  I had a funny moment; I spotted one of her friends wearing the exact same dress and accessories as I was!

I decided to deal with it asap, and went over to her to introduce myself, since we had met on a couple of occasions.  She was rather snotty, though.

"Yes, yes, we're wearing the same dress."

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your obvious good taste in clothing."  I walked off.

At the reception, she made sure to stay on the opposite side of the room from me (eye roll).  I left after the cake cutting and went home to bathe my kids and put them to bed, then to return to the party.  I found the bride having a drunken meltdown.

"What the hell have I done?  I've ruined my life!  I don't want to be married to HIM!  Why didn't anyone SAY anything?"

She was surrounded by friends, who made sure the groom wasn't around to hear her tears, and they did manage to sober her up.

The DJ noticed I was alone, and came down to dance with me, even propositioning me a few times!  But I refused.  Donna Summer's 'Last Dance' was the final one, and I danced with the bride's very good looking brother!  Then it  was home again, where I had to listen to my grumpy spouse gripe about why I chose to attend the disaster of a wedding, and why I felt the need to leave him alone with the kids.

I tried not to let his mood sour my good time.

The kids and I spent a lot of time at the pool, and we looked forward to the soon-opening of the downtown Circle Center Mall.

Next Month:  My 2 y/o daughter is a flirt....

Present Day:
The weather's been up in the 90s, but dropped back to 86 today.  Not sure if we're going to attend the family reunion tomorrow or not.

Karaoke songs:
Lay It On The Line
Lay Your Hands On Me
Le Freak
Lead Me On

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Flashback Friday: A Memorable Vacation!

June 1986:
With my AF officer overseas and spring semester over, I began to 'finally' concentrate on my relationship with JD.  Only, I'd waited too long.  I had guarded my heart, since I was positive all BJG had to do was snap her fingers and he'd drop me like a hot potato.  When that didn't happen, I started opening up a little more.

Big Mistake.

I also need to back up a bit:  In May, BG had finally contacted me, but our 'reunion' had been a disaster, esp since I was meeting him at his girlfriend's house, and I was terrified of her coming home early from work and catching us. I went to see him two days later and told him I could no longer see him, except as a friend.  He agreed, and told me he'd see me over the summer, since I'd told him I'd be attending summer school.

Anyway, roomies BJG and EY were looking forward to working at the MDA camp up in Monticello, along with JD, and invited me up for the dance.  But they told me the wrong night, and when I arrived, suddenly the tension in the air was so thick, I wondered what was going on.  JD was nowhere to be found, and my roomies were very guarded in conversation.  When JD DID materialize, he didn't greet me affectionately, then he took me for a walk.

He confessed to developing feelings for another counselor, which I reassured him I was fully appreciative of the 'band camp romance', which normally doesn't last past two weeks.  I told him I wasn't upset; but to keep me informed.

I spent another hour chatting with my friends and meeting their campers, then I left and drowned my sorrows in a large chocolate DQ sundae.

Mom was at band camp that week, and my sister was out with friends, so I curled up next to my dad, who was watching TV, and told him the news.  Dad passed me his bag of chips and we watched TV together in comfortable silence.

The following week, I left for Florida, and since I still didn't know where I stood with JD, I didn't refuse a man I met one night at The Point, my favorite place to sit and write at twilight.  He asked me out, plus began joining me in the pool every afternoon.  Grandma knew his parents, and approved of my going out with him.  He was 40 to my 20, but we had a great time that  week!  He took me to nice restaurants, bought me a pina colada at an outside bar, and we walked the beach.  We also saw 3 or 4 movies during that two-week period.  During Karate Kid 2, I decided I was  ready to take the next step, and I confess I don't really remember much of that movie; I was anticipating our walk on the beach, and going back to 'our' catamaran, where we'd had some pretty good make-out sessions!

Our final date, I took my camera along, and got pictures of the two of us.  He offered to  take me to the airport for my flight back, but Grandma said no.  RR and I exchanged mailing addresses and agreed to keep in touch.

I was thrilled;my 1st official summer fling!

Next Month:  Summer School!

Present Day:
I have a busy weekend ahead!  Tomorrow I'll be at Heaps of Jeeps festival, then on Sunday, go to the Legion Garden Party in Washington:)

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
Land of Confusion  (hoping to get the full song this time!)  Nailed it:)
Last Kiss Slightly low, but still sounded good!
Last Name  DNH....adding this to Thurs...
Last Dance  Didn't think it sounded TOO awful!  I did receive a compliment:)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Flashback Friday: Catching Up....

May 2006:
Stressed out with the prospect of losing our home and having all the kids in the house, I made an error in judgement and demanded J be responsible for her own kids.  At the time, I thought I was employing the 'tough love' strategy; now, ten years later, I see she still made some questionable choices and I should have sucked it up.  The kids did return to me in July, after she yet, again, lost her job.

Sam Hornish Jr won the Indy 500 that year, just barely beating rookie Marco Andretti.  The race was also very hot, nearly 90 degrees that day.

June 1976:
With school out, my mother let us play with her old formal dresses, and we enjoyed playing dress up, as well as riding our bikes.  A and I continued to talk over the tracks, though it only happened whenever we happened to be there at the same time.  We didn't call each other, since neither of us were allowed to use the phone yet!  Back in those days, I only used the phone if I was home and it happened to ring, or I needed to call my mother at work.  If we wanted to get together with friends, we rode our bikes to their house.

Present Day:
I've enjoyed a relaxing week with my parents, and an even more thrilling 100th running of the Indy 500 with my daughter, her boyfriend Mike, Dad, Uncle Bill and Will, and their friends Ron and Pam.  I was thrilled when the rookie I'd chosen to root for, Alexander Rossi, ended up the winner:)  Mom and I watched the recap and the Victory Banquet, then on Tuesday, I took her to an appointment.  Afterwards, we ate lunch at Arni's, then shopped for Alex's 4th birthday presents.  Since A loves My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we bought her a DVD of 12 cartoon episodes and a talking Michaelangelo, as well as a puzzle and two MLP toys.

We're meeting in Terre Haute on Sunday at TGI Friday's (that's where Alex chose to go!), and I'll return home with the family.

Tuesday night, Angie Priest and I went water-walking in the Lazy River at Tropicanoe Cove, along with her son Doug.  I also recognized Kevin E's daughter Audra, her hubby, and their six-month-old daughter, Ariel.  Good to see them in person!

Last night, Angie and I went to karaoke.  Here's the breakdown of the songs I sang:
I Will Be  Still couldn't hit high note...
New Divide  Nailed it....
Numb  Crowd pleaser!
Silver Springs Did well, and another crowd pleaser!

I was getting irked when several others who had just sung were back up at the mic; my phone had died, and I was keeping track of the rotation, so I could guestimate when an hour had passed.  I finally went up and politely asked him to put me in, citing the fact I was falling asleep!  He admitted to others paying him $20 to put them in ahead of others, which REALLY pissed me off!  Imagine my shock when I got out to the car....1:30am!  I'd only intended to stay as late as 12:30 or 1.  Thanks Tito....I may not be back on Thursdays for a while, and if I do, I'll be sure to get there at 9 from now on.

Tonight, we're off to Red Lobster for dinner, then tomorrow Brenda, Angie, and I are heading to the Outpost for more 'roke.  Angie wants me to sing Black Velvet, so here's my tentative line up:
Black Velvet  Not too bad...
Spilled Perfume DNH
Heart Like Mine  No energy, though I was applauded....
Hate Me  Guy stopped me and thanked me:)
Famous in a Small Town  Was hi-fived:)
Girl Crush  Whole bar cheered!

Have a wonderful weekend!   

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Reading List

 How did I do in May?  Quite productive:)

-Work on Heart Song  Not yet...
-Send Kira to editor,along  with 1st payment Not yet.....
-Send cover request to artist, along with 1st payment  Not yet....
-Make 1st payment to B, cover artist for AU print books  Check:)
-Have a good 25th anniversary celebration  Check:)
-Spend an enjoyable day in Nashville, TN and also sight-see  Check:)
-Edit fairy story  1st edit, check:)
-Do well at Washington Main St craft fair  Sold 2, despite the cold (50s) weather
-Get the Tween to pass 5th grade  Still waiting for his report card....
-Enroll Tween in CMS  Almost finished:)
-Attend either Edinburgh Author's Fair  Check:)  Almost sold 2....
-Have a good time at Indy 500 (100th running this year!)  Check!  Alexander Rossi, the rookie I picked to cheer for, won!!!!
-Walk more  50/50
-Lose 5+pounds  Ugh....scale going wrong way!

Books Read:  15
Print:  2
E-book:  13

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  9 

June Goals:
-Work on Heart Song (am I a broken record or what?)
-Send Kira to editor, along with 1st payment
-Send cover request to DD, along with 1st payment
-Make 2nd payment to B
-Pay RW for Orion Antho
-Do well at Heaps of Jeeps Festival  Zero direct sales, but hoping for some from online! Very good day!
-Do well at Legends Garden Party  Sold one....yay, gas $$!!!
-Do well at Corning Irish Festival
-Declutter basement and storage unit
-Enroll Tween in football
-Finish ghost story
-Lose 5+ pounds

June Reading List:
Mountain of Deception-Carol Preflatish Loved the twist at the end!
Harley Brennan, Running Back-Jean Joachim  DRR!  Loved this!!!
Triple B Baking Co-Michel Prince  DRR!  LOVED this mature relationship!!!  No stupid misunderstandings or assumptions:)
The Heartbreaker-Tricia Anderson  RR!  I was irritated by L's juvenile attitude.
Shine Your Love On Me-JJ
To Love Or Not To Love-JJ

Hers To Bear-Tamara Hoffa  DRR!  Loved this book!  Even though I thought some of the 'girl talk' was a bit juvenile at times, this was the first bear shifter story I'd ever read, and definitely want to read the next one in this series:)
Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex-Tymber Dalton  DRR, esp for anyone who wants to write about the lifestyle, even if they've never experienced it.  I found it full of valuable information:)

Karaoke Songs:
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth-Meatloaf  A bit low, but people said it sounded good:)
Crocodile Rock-Elton John  Again, a little low, and there were spots where I couldn't get the words out, ha ha!
You were Meant for Me-Jewel  Good!
You'll Be In My Heart-Phil Collins  Again, a little low, but I love this song!!!
You're In Love-Wilson Phillips  Not too bad:)
Dancing in the Street-David Bowie/Mick Jagger or Martha and the Vandellas  Was told I had the 'voice of an angel' :)
You're So Vain-Carly Simon  Nailed it!
Dancing on the Ceiling-Lionel Ritchie  Did fairly well:) Even used EY's *ahem* switched up lyrics...;)
You're Still The One-Shania Twain  Not too bad:)
You're The Inspiration-Chicago
Da Do Run Run-The Crystals (Shaun Cassidy?)
You're The One That I Want-Grease (with Brower??)
You're The Voice-John Farnham

Land of Confusion-Genesis  Nailed it:)
Last Dance-Donna Summer  Not too awful....
Last Kiss-Pearl Jam A little low, but sounded good!
Last Name-Carrie Underwood  DNH....adding this to Thurs line up.
Lay It On the Line-Triumph  Not too bad!  Probably only time I'll ever sing it though...
Lay Your Hands On Me-Bon Jovi  Ditto.  See above.
Le Freak-Chic  Very surprised Mark had this!  Did well; people even danced!
Lead Me On-Amy Grant  DNH...adding this to Thurs
Leader of the Band-Dan Fogleberg  DNH  Ditto; see above
Leader of the Pack-Shangri Las
Lean On Me-Bill Withers
Learn To Fly-FooFighters
Learning To Fly-Pink Floyd

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flashback Friday: 1996 Indy 500!

May 1996
The spouse went back to work, but informed me he'd changed his mind on filing for divorce:)  Our relationship was still rocky, however.

My upstairs neighbor, WS was preparing for her June wedding, and invited me to her bridal shower.  I took her some fancy bath soaps and a small bottle of body glitter.  I enjoyed meeting her other friends, and got slightly tipsy on margaritas.  So much, I drunk-dialed T and spoke to him!After opening her presents, W announced, "So apparently my friends don't think I shower often enough..."  Since I didn't trust myself to drive, I stuck around for the 'Pin The Dick On The Hunk' game.  I didn't win, lol!

The 500 that year was somber.  Scotty Brayton, after clinching the pole position, died in a crash on one of the practice days, and rookie Tony Stewart became the pole sitter.

This was also the year the Indy Racing Lights (IRL) was formed, and CART decided to boycott the 500 and put on their own race up in Michigan.  I was secretly pleased Team Penske wouldn't be dominating the race anymore (sorry Al Unser Jr!), and began rooting for Team Menard, Tony Stewart.

We privately called Eliseo Salazar 'Salad Bar', and I think this was the year he played 'bumper cars' with the field (Wikipedia says not everything was his fault, so this was my own in-person perception!), causing a tremendous wreck at the end, when he slid under Allessandro Zampedri's car, causing Zampedri severe injuries to his feet.

Danny Ongais (affectionately known as 'On-the-gas', lol!) went on to drive Brayton's car, starting in the 33rd position.  At the 500 parade, a car covered in black represented Brayton's death, and the crowd grew quiet as it passed.  My stepdaughter was in the parade that year, so we went down and filmed some of it, standing on both sides of Monument Circle to catch a glimpse of J.

After the race, I don't remember if I walked home, or if Dad drove me as close as he could.  One year, he wasn't allowed near 10th and Beachway, and I ended up going all the way to Lafayette for an hour's rest before bringing me home, lol!

T and I were also having a dispute over my decision to stay married, and the fact that earlier in the month, I'd driven BJG to Evansville for her dad's retirement party, and since T hadn't been available for a quick chat, I'd stopped in to see my ex-AF officer.  T's response..."After what he did back in January, you STILL went to see him?  Incredible."  I realized then and there how valuable I treasured T's friendship, and tried to tell him the meeting with S had been uneventful; it showed I was definitely 'over' him, but it still pissed him off.  Which was a shame; since my family was gone until Monday, T and I had planned to watch the recap of the race together and talk for several hours.  But since he was pissed at me, I watched it alone, drank wine, and enjoyed my 'alone' time.

I'll post the 2006 race next week, since my 1976 post will be short.

Present Day:
It's my Tween's final day of school! He has a final assessment in History, then he'll be an official 6th grader:)  I also have  to finish the paperwork to enroll him in Clark Middle School.

Today, I'm headed up to Nashville with my colleague Floyd Root.  We're going to spend the night at his brother's house (Floyd doesn't want to be on the road waaaay early on Sat), then attending the Edinburgh Author's Fair at the Outlet Mall from 10-5pm.  My dad is driving down to get me at 5, then I'll spend the evening with the parents making sandwiches and watching the parade.  My daughter and her boyfriend Mike will arrive around 9pm, then we'll head to the 500 and meet up with my Uncle Bill and cousin Will, who are flying in from Naples, Fla.  I don't think S has ever met W, and she was only 9 the last time she saw UB.  She and Mike will head home after the race, but I'm going to spend a relaxing week with my parents, to unwind from the school year and hopefully get my muse back!

Tonight's Karaoke Line Up:
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant  Not too bad!
You Should Hear How She Talks About You-Melissa Manchester  Think it sounded okay....
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth-Meatloaf  Voice cracked on fourth line, so scrapped it...
I Got The Boy-Jana Kramer  Did well:)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flashback Friday: 1986 Indy 500!

May 1986
I spent last Friday in Nashville, TN, and forgot to pre-post this.  I'll post '96 and '06 next week.

On Armed Forces Day, Dad took my sister, friend K, and I to the track for the final day of Indy 500 qualifications.  We sat in Tower Terrace for a while, then Dad took me to the pre-arranged meeting place so I could meet up with JD, and we agreed to meet back at the car before the track closed.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon with JD and his friends, and we even found his dad's firetruck and climbed up on top for a wonderful view of Turn #2.  I had trouble climbing down, but eventually did it.  I don't think I'll ever do it again, though!

We even managed some private time under his tool box, with a blanket pulled down for privacy.  Yes, that's my lone 'snake pit' experience.  By the time we met up with my family, my father remarked, "Why is it when you're with your family, your shirt is tucked in, but when you're with him, it's knotted up to show off your mid-section?"

I opted not to answer that!

(Reprinted from May 2008):
The race itself was a downpour. We huddled miserably under our rain gear, eating our sandwiches and watching the futile efforts to get the track dry. Everytime progress would be made, Mother Nature opened up the floodgates and the process would start all over again. The next day, it was still raining. We didn't make the trip to Indianapolis; we watched the progress on live TV. Dad said if things looked better by noon, we'd go. But once again, Mother Nature decreed no.

A week later, the weather was bright and sunny. We made fresh sandwiches, repacked the coolers, and off we set again. This time, everything went off without a hitch. Well, okay. Almost without a hitch! We parked in a different place than last time, and my sister and I set our own 'track record' by setting off in the opposite direction of our seats! We walked around the entire OUTSIDE of the track in 45 minutes...and did not beat our parents to the seats:) We did, however, see some interesting sights...we witnessed the Celebrity Caravan taking off; we joked about stealing an unmanned Pace Car (yellow Corvette! My favorite car!) and driving to our seats; and we pretended not to notice the drunk guy who offered to carry our heavy coolers for us.

And the race was awesome! My guy led several laps, and when an accident ocurred late in the race, I was jumping up and down with excitement, wondering if Kevin was going to win under the yellow light, or if the Safety Crew would get the track cleared in time to go green for the final lap or two. And since Dad's favorite driver, Bobby Rahal was in second place, we had a friendly rivalry between us.

With 195 laps down, the green flag waved. The crowd roared; we all got to our feet and cheered as the pace car pulled into the pits and the drivers hit their accellorators. The race was on! Kevin managed to hold off Bobby for lap 196, but the distance between them closed. Going into to 3rd turn, Bobby edged closer, and by turn 4, saw his chance and took it. He passed Kevin going into the home stretch, and even though Kevin continued to chase him for the final 3 laps, it was all over. Dad was jumping up and down and yelling; I was yelling at Kevin for not taking his spot back; Mom and my sister were also cheering for Rahal. But my sister very nicely said, "It almost happened...there's always next year!" Dad looked at me and said, "Experience wins every time!" and popped open another beer to celebrate.

Next Month:  Florida!

Present Day:
This is the only weekend this month we don't have any commitments.  The Tween has only one week of school left, so we're working diligently on Lit and History (he's caught up on the others).  After a week of rainy, cold weather, I think we're supposed to have temps in the upper 70s the next two days.  Which is good; we cleared out the basement on Monday, and now want to rearrange (attack??) the storage unit.

Survivor Winner:
Michelle beat out Aubry and Tai, though the true winner was Mark the Chicken!  There was a twist this year; the winner of the final individual challenge (Michelle) won the right to vote off a JURY member!  She voted for Neil.

Tomorrow's Karaoke songs:
Listen To The Flower People-Spinal Tap
La Isla Bonita-Madonna
Lady Madonna-Beatles
Land of Confusion-Genesis

Have a great weekend!