Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Recap and August Reading Schedule

Well, I did it.  I managed to survive the summer with 3 extra kids in the house!

House Hunting:  Hubby likes the one I found in a 'questionable' neighborhood.  Dad didn't like it, but when we looked at it, we saw potential.  Now if I can get someone to show it to us and if the price can come down $30K.  Or we win the lottery.

Books Read:  10
            Print:  1
            E-book:  9

My 7th book, Love Weighs In, arrived in print form, and I sent one copy off to Indianapolis, along with the submission form to be included in this year's Author Fair in Dec.  Here's hoping they accept me!

August Reading Schedule:
Chasing the Dime-Michael Connally

Devious-Mark Love Really enjoyed this!
Fetching Love-Tamara Hoffa Loved this!  Had to make Stuffed Shells for dinner after reading it, since it made me hungry!!!
The Gentleman's Harlot-Natalie Dae
Slave-Sherri Hayes
Chocolate, Sex, and Other Surprises-Kellie Kamryn

Karaoke Songs:
Heart of Rock-n-Roll-Huey Lewis and the News Ugh.
Heart of the Matter-Don Henley Nailed it:)
Heart Won't Lie-Reba/Vince Gill Mel (Vince) and I nailed it:)
Heartbreaker-Dionne Warwick  Did okay, but bleh
Heart and Soul-T'Pau  Wasn't the version I was expecting
Heaven-Bryan Adams  Nailed it:)
Heaven-Warrent Made it through the song, but bleh.
Heaven Can Wait-Meatloaf  BLEH!  Though people did get up and dance!  *shudder*
Heaven is a Place On Earth-Belinda Carlisle
Hello-Lionel Richie
Here Comes The Rain Again-Eurythmics
High On You-Survivor

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