Monday, December 4, 2017

December Reading Schedule

November was a rough month for me, career-wise:
-Finish Heart Song (NaNoWriMo project) Laptop died.  Writing is 'on hold' until January.  NaNo Word Count:  10,033.  Sigh.....
-Do well at 1st Friday event  Sold 5:)
-Do well at Indy Christmas Toy and Hobby Show 13 sold, plus sold out of 4 titles!  Now need inventory...
-Have successful Thanksgiving YES!  Nice and quiet.
-Start Christmas shopping Sort of....
-Lose another 5 pounds Lost 2!  Down to 231:)
-Take 'big items' to Republic on Nov 4th  Nope; due to wreck, didn't have the energy.
-Successful CHRP retreat  Check!

Books Read:  3
            Print:  2
         E-book:  1

Weight:  Actually managed to lose 2 pounds!  Weighed in at 231:)

Overall Health:  Doing well, though my right thigh/hip has been bothering me ever since the ICGAH Show.  Maybe it's the way I stand???

Karaoke Songs Added:  12
                           Thurs:  6
                               Sat:  6

December Goals:
-Bake cookies
           -12/2:  Made 18 doz choc. chip
           -12/5:  5.5 Oatmeal-Raisin
           -12/9:  14 Dark Chocolate Chip, 3.5 Holiday Chip
           -12/11:  7 doz M&M
           -12/16:  5,5 doz Oatmeal-Raisin
           -12/18:  9 doz Winter Chip, 3 doz Butterscotch Chip
           -12/19:  7 doz M&M
-Christmas Shop  12/20:  Nearly finished!
-Celebrate 2 birthdays  Kyle:  Went to karaoke the night before, then fixed steaks on grill:)
-Write Christmas letter Check:)  Even had it printed!
-Sign/send Christmas Cards  Check:)
-Mail two books 12/14:  Tried to mail one; had wrong zip code.  Googled her; will try again.
-Buy inventory  5 copies HS, check; 5 copies BOBW, check.
-Spend a week with parents

Reading Schedule:
Tomb of the Moon-N. E. Riggs
Clayton's Star-Jillian Jacobs

Secrets and Lies (HOB #4)-Susanne Matthews
Back To School-Dylan Cross

Karaoke Songs:
Where Do Broken Hearts Go-Whitney Houston Sounded good:)
I Think I Love You-Partridge Family (David Cassidy tribute; died Nov 21st) Brought laughter and audience participation, lol!
Whip It-Devo Amazingly enough, this went well:)
Midnight Blue-Lou Graham 'Sang' it more like a rap, but not too god-awful!
Whiskey Lullaby-Brad Paisley/Allison Kraus Richard Goodman and I sounded good on this!
Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World)-Band-Aid Again, had fun with this one!
12/14:  Lost Voice
12/21: Sang a very gravely/squeaky I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas and Last Christmas.  Rotation was long, so left at 12:30; didn't think my voice was going to stand up for White Christmas!
12/28:  White Christmas was the only good one.  Voice is still iffy.

One of Us-Joan Osbourne Did well!
One on One-Hall and Oates Ugh...
One Step At A Time-Jordin Sparks Bleh....only did well on chorus.  Tripped over my tongue too much.
One Tin Soldier-Coven  Nailed it!  I was sooooo happy; loved this song since I was ten!
Lost In Your Eyes-Debbie Gibson  Nailed it!
One Toke Over The Line-Brewer and Shipley Slightly too low, but was told I did well.
One Way or Another-Blondie  Did well:)
Only The Young-Journey Nailed it:) Camera Batteries died, so will have to re-sing
Only God Knows Why-Kid Rock Wasn't too god-awful, lol!
12/16:  Lost Voice
O Little Town of Bethlehem Elaine sang it with me, and it went well:)
Only Time Will Tell-Asia Did well!
Open Your Heart-Madonna Nailed it:)
Operator-Jim Croce Did fine when I sang it an octave higher, but over all....ugh.  Tracy tried to help me.
Ordinary World-Duran Duran Nailed it!
White Liar-Miranda Lambert  Not too bad for 1st try; was trying to find another song in my limited range, since it wasn't quite 1 am yet.  Short rotation tonight.  Cat cut off the Christmas songs (my O Little Town was followed by Pam's Santa Baby and Elaine's All I Want For Christmas Is You.  She did allow Pam to sing Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.  So I'll be working in the other three 'O' songs in January, lol!)

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