Friday, December 21, 2018

Flashback Friday: Relaxing Christmas

Dec 1998:
I think this was the year it snowed, and we decided to stay home on Christmas morning.  The kids were happy to simply stay home and relax, at least for a few days.  Two days later, however, we received a phone call that my in-laws had been in a car accident, so we gathered everyone up and went down.  My FIL was severely injured, so my SIL and I took turns taking care of the kids and fielding phone calls while my hubby and MIL were at the hospital. 

For New Year's, we ended up watching the ball drop on TV and rejoicing that my FIL was recovering nicely, and would soon be released from the hospital:)

Next Month:  Pampered Chef and Monster Trucks!

Present Day:
My mom has now been in the rehab center for an entire week.  She's been doing OT and PT during the morning, and one mystery was cleared up today.

Mon:  Mom had a good day, even though she blew up at Dad when he tried to leave early.  He stayed with her while I went to Office Max to fax documents for our new roof financing.

Tues:  Another good day.  Mom and I sorted the Christmas jewelry presents, so I knew whom was getting what.  Dinner was Ham and Beans, so residents were grumpy.  Mom and I ordered Arni's pizza, which Dad brought.

Wed:  Mom slept wrong, and her neck was in pain all day.  Dad took me to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner.

Thurs:  Mom was slightly better, though we noticed her slurry speech, plus I clarified whether or not I was to help her to and from the bathroom/chair/wheelchair/bed.  (No, I'm not supposed to, a chore I was happy to relinquish, since I nearly dropped her on Wed.  In fact, the aid dropped her in the afternoon.)

Today:  When Dad and I arrived, Mom was snoozing in PT, and we became slightly alarmed when she didn't wake up right away.  Plus, her speech was slurry.  HOWEVER.....after drinking some water, coffee at lunch, and sipping a diet coke afterward, she did better.  I don't think she's getting enough fluids in her body.

I'll be heading home on Sunday, to spend Christmas with my family.  There's been some confusion over how long Mom will be at Cumberland Point.  Somebody said SS will pay for 90 days, but the hospital or Medicare claims she only has 20 days.  Dad's going to check on this.  No word on if I'm needed after the holidays.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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