Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday

March 2004:
Being a new mom again after ten years was quite an adjustment.  I'd given everything away, furniture-wise, and all the boy clothing held rotting elastic.  Sara had destroyed the onezies and little drawstring nightgowns with her acid reflux; I was going to need all new baby items.

We had received some early gifts, and the night we arrived home, our neighbor showed up with a truckload of items donated from her church.  A brand new pack-n-play; sleepers; gowns; onezies; socks; bottles; name it.

"Feed the birds..."
Three weeks later, we were due to travel to the MIL's house, to celebrate the spouse's birthday and so Grandma could meet her newest grandchild.  But on Friday, my older two decided to watch Mary Poppins.  All was fine until 'Feed The Birds' song was sung.  Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with tears, and no logical reason.  I shut myself in the bedroom and thought I could get myself back under control.  No.  Every time I'd stop, wash my face, and think I could leave my bedroom, I'd hear 'Feel the birds...tuppence a bag...' and the tears would fall again.

Fifteen minutes later, I decided to enlist the spouse's help and asked him to come in.  I asked him to hold me, and all he could do was ask me why I was crying, and couldn't accept an 'I don't know' answer.  I finally told him I thought it was post-partum depression.  He told me to get in bed and he'd take care of the baby and the older two.  Still sniffing, I got into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I woke up 12 hours later with boobs so full of milk, I hurt.  Thankfully, W woke up and I nursed him til he was full.  By this time, everyone else was up, but I was still so sore.  I got out the breast pump and pumped another ounce and a half out, then showered, packed, and we left.  All went well that weekend.

I was also secretly pleased; I'd been trying to give up sex for Lent many times, but the spouse refused.  This time, I had an excuse:  W was born in the middle of Lent; I was unable to have sex until after Easter.  Finally, my desired Lenten 'give up' would be realized:)

Next Month:  Christening and Baby Shower

Present Day:
March Madness:
I'm still doing well on my bracket; last weekend I was 25/32 and 10/16.  Last night, I was 3/4:)  Hoping I do as well tonight and this weekend!

No 'Roke This Weekend!
Why?  Because I have to be at church by 7:30 am on Sunday, and I've been late the last two times.

Spring Break Officially Over!
Two weeks ago, I went to Lafayette for 3 days.  This past week, Miss Drama Queen and her brother have been here.  It's been rather nice, having two built-in babysitters for Miss A, but at the same time, stressful.  Laptop is still not recognizing the wifi router, so I've been using the desk top in the morning; at nap time; and in the evening.  Everything else has been checked via Kindle.  Until this issue is fixed, I doubt I'll be blogging much, unless Miss A can be 'corralled' while I blog.

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Ok, I am astounded the SU offered to take care of the kids while you cried/slept yourself into normalcy. He must have been nicer in his youth! lol

Molly Daniels said...

I guess every 10 years he does something nice, lol....