Thursday, March 13, 2014

One More Day!

Currently Reading:  I am LOVING True Nature  by Neeley Powell:)

I'm off to Madison, IN tomorrow, for the 4th Annual Author's Fair at That Book Place:)  Carol Preflatish, Kayelle Allen, and I had a great time last year, and my hubby fell in love with the area.  This year, we're taking two of our kids and the granddaughter, for a mini-vacation.

Thank God!
The Brain tribe last night finally go rid of Ms Nuclear Engineering.  They actually won immunity last week, but J'Tia chocked on both challenges last night!  I cannot believe Kass and Tasha were actually torn between who to send home.  Spencer busted his butt to try to help win the challenge, and Brawn was trying everything in their power to throw it, but there was only so much they could stall w/o letting Cliff know they were trying to throw it.

Amazing Race:
I was heartbroken when Mark and Mallory were eliminated last week.  Come on; let 'em stay!  And I was sooooo thankful Team YouTube went home this week!

Karaoke Update:
Mel went with me last Saturday, and I did well on a few songs, but the camera ran out of memory on Cher's You Haven't Seen The Last of Me.

Yes, it's true.  Kenzie's aliens were rejected.  I sent it off to Publisher #1, then emailed #3 to ask why.  Turns out my sex scene at the beginning was a bit stale; I used too many semi-colons (imagine that!); and the plot was flat.  So I've some work to do on it.  Plus, I was informed by a beta reader that maybe it's not paranormal, but more sci-fi romance?  Oooookaaaaaayyy....

I'll be back tomorrow with another Flashback, this time from 1984.  I know you're waiting on tenderhooks for what happens in May...


B.C. Brown said...

Yes, aliens = scifi, dear. Lol

Liz Flaherty said...

I want to hear about the Author's Fair--I'd love to do it someday if for no other reason than a weekend in Madison!

Amber Skyze said...

Oh it was about time the Brains got a brain!
Sorry about the rejection. They sting at any stage of your career.
Have fun this weekend!