Friday, May 9, 2014

Flashback Friday: "But I Wanna Be Held Back!"

Last month of my 2nd grade year.  I checked out and returned my final 'big books' of the year, made a new friend, Gloria, and looked forward to the summer.  I also wasn't thrilled about the choice of teachers for 3rd grade, so I rather hoped I'd get held back/

Didn't happen.

Mrs. H assured me she'd see me in the hallway, since 3rd and 2nd grades were separated by the bathrooms., and on the other side of the 'little' library.

I'm fuzzy on the details, but I ended up going home with G on the final day of school, and while I had fun playing with her sister and brother, I remember getting homesick and asking to be taken home on day #2 or 3.

Present Day:
We've been approved for the K-12 Home Schooling Program, and I still have mixed feelings.  The spouse is just going to HAVE to step up and help take care of the granddaughter, or else be the Support Team for youngling.  I may even have to take a sabbatical from writing, since I'm already stressed out so much I'm not writing anyway!  I'm barely keeping up with this blog, in case you've not noticed, lol...

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and since we're too broke to go out (spouse had to make a truck payment, and we over-indulged last week for our anniversary!), I'm envisioning a quiet afternoon in front of the TV or computer.  Hamburgers or steaks on the grill.  My usual Sunday night shows.

Since I have to sing at the 8am service, I probably will NOT go to karaoke.  But if I DO, I plan to sing two or three of my 'good' ones:

What's Up
Night The Lights Went out in Georgia
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me

Happy Mother's Day!

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