Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Flashback: Indy 500!

May 1994:
We were heading into the home stretch of pregnancy again.  My cravings had gone from cheese nachos every night at 9pm to cheese sandwiches, and now I was hooked on Nestle Quik chocolate milk powder in my milk several times a day.  No Hershey's syrup; no, this had to be Quik.

The 500 arrived.  D and K drove me as close as possible to the intersection of Crawfordsville Rd and Georgetown; I got out and walked the rest of the way.  The weather was wonderful, and I had a good time, though I can't recall who won that particular year.  After the race, Mom and Dad dropped me off at the apartment and I spent a quiet evening watching the recap/

Present Day:
I was thrilled with the outcome of the Amazing Race!!!  Dave and Conner became the oldest and youngest winners, plus the only parent-child team to ever win.  And I was thrilled Brenchel had to settle for a distant 3rd.  I sincerely hope they never procreate.  Their kids would be the most spoiled, self-cemtered, entitled ones on the planet.

I was also thrilled when Scott won Ink Master.  I liked Sausage's tat slightly better, but Scott had more wins.

I was not happy with Survivor's outcome.  Spencer was voted out, leaving Kass, Tony, and Woo.  Final immunity; Woo wins over Kass by a millisecond.  Instead of taking Kass to the end, and winning, Woo took Tony, who won by a landslide.  During the jury Q&A, everyone seemed bitter at Tony, so things were looking up for Woo.  But Spencer pointed out Tony played the game while Woo merely rode his coattails.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I want to give a shout out to my BFF Erica, whose birthday is today:)

My oldest son and his g/f are headed to Lafayette tomorrow, to attend the race with my parents.  I'm also hoping to look at a house on Tuesday morning.  Fingers crossed this jives with everyone else's plans.

I finally got my pedicure yesterday, and am now sporting neon green toe polish:)  Hoping to get my hair cut sometime today.  I'm tired of piling it on top of my head, to get it off my neck.

What Happened?
I used to look forward to spending the summer with my kids, but lately, I've come to dread it.  While talking to my stepdaughter earlier, she informed me her kids and the guinea pig are going to spend a few weeks here, since Mr. Nibbles is no longer being cared for at Foster House #1, and Foster House #2 he has to stay in the garage.  Why is my first reaction 'can I run away from home?'  Friend M also asked if CB could come over every day for 2-3 hours every day while she's at work.  That's better than the past three years, when she's had to be here by 8am.  At least I'll get to sleep in somewhat.

But all I want to do is cry when I think about having two tweens in the house in addition to our already crowded house.  What happened to my peaceful summers?  My stepdaughter has missed out on her kids' childhoods; I just feel they're being cheated somehow.  I KNOW they're safe and happy with us, but it just creates extra stress for me.

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