Friday, October 31, 2014

October Wrap Up

Today is Halloween, and Youngling is a ninja.  Granddaughter Alex is Sofia the 1st:)  I did NOT turn on our porch light last night, since our candy budget was limited.  Tonight is IT.  If you're not at my house tonight, you may not get any candy.  Unless you show up at the Toy and Hobby show on the 6th.  I'll have more then:)

Homeschooling:  Going well!  His scores are good, and his P/T conference went well:)  His teacher and I are on the same page as to what he needs to improve on.  (Study Island)

House Hunting:  Was a little disappointed when my plan last month didn't work out.  Plus, I tried to run away from home, but the kids came with me!  So really didn't accomplish much, and Mom asked when I could return w/o the other two, lol!  I DID have a great two nights of 'roke with friend Brenda.  Hope to return again in November and sing well again:)

Books Read:  18
            Print:     3
         E-Book: 15

Festival Prep:  I have 12 print books (plus whatever is left in storage); my CDs; candy; 21 blurb booklets (7 more in my printer, as soon as more ink can be purchased); and cover flats, trading cards, one copy of Balancing Act, and 3 more booklets to be picked up at Office Max.  I THINK I need to order three discounted tickets when we arrive, and I'm toying with taking our small tree along and maybe printing out small book covers to dangle from the branches.

Another author suggested plastic shot glasses with candy; I'll have to check the budget.  Maybe I can get them for next April's signing?

I also nearly fell over when I saw my sales report for Sept. FORTY (40) copies of Heart's Last Chance were sold!  I'm gonna have a niiiiice paycheck in either Dec or Jan!  Thank you soooooo much everyone who bought it!  And also mine:)

I'll post the November Reading Schedule and goals tomorrow:)

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