Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Reading Schedule

Wow....October is here!  Did I meet my Sept. goals?
-Self-publish Best of Both Worlds (check!), Heart's Last Chance, and NiKoh's Chosen Check:)
-Write Heart Song (now due October 31st)
-Do well at all three signings this month:
     -Washington Wine and Art Fest  Sold 6!!!
     -Cherry Ghost Coffee Shop Sold 4:)
     -Palace Book Blitz  Sold 5:)
-Buy copies of HLC (check!) and NiKoh (check!), plus BOBW, once it's up
-Clean up Kira and send it off to RP.
-New phone???

As you can see, I did very well, as far as book selling went.  Book writing....not so much!  I know for a fact I only added around 550 words to Heart Song.  Since my personal deadline is looming (only 4 more weeks, eek!), I'd better put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard!

I also managed to catch up the youngling on his schoolwork.  I was gone for ten days, and he basically had a vacation, since the spouse chose to slack off.  The fact he's caught up on all subjects, with the exception of Spelling, and as of this morning, is pretty good.  We've been working 4-5 hours a day, and sometimes even on weekends, to accomplish this.

Today, he was finished before 3pm.

Books Read:  7

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  3.  I was sick one Saturday, and gone another, so didn't really sing much this month.

October Goals:
-Finish Heart Song!
-Clean up Kira and send it off to RP.
-Buy Book Rack
-Pay for July trip to Par-A-Dice
-Get print versions of BOBW, BA, and others up.
-Publish kindle versions of AFD and WAH.  Check:)

October Reading Schedule:
Fun and Games-Alissa Rose  I normally don't mind certain words in books, but in this case, when the 'F' word is used profusely, I had to put it down.  Maybe it's my mood; maybe I'm trying to read it at the wrong time; it's just not holding my attention.  DNF
Dust of My Wings-Carrie Ann Ryan
There's Always Tomorrow-Susanne Matthews Fun short story!  Wish there was more, but very good!
The Boleyn Inheritance-Phillippa Gregory (print)  Very good:) 

Daddy's Girls-Tasmina Perry (print)  Very good:)
Fatal Cure- Robin Cook  A reread, but still good:)
Summer Lovin'- Carly Phillips Very good:)

Wednesday Karaoke:
All You Wanted-Michelle Branch  Not bad:)
Don't You Wanna Stay-J. Aldean/K. Clarkson  Went well:)
I Got The Boy-Jana Kramer Nailed it:)
Surrender To Me-R.Zander/A. Wilson
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill  (1st time)  Did pretty well!  Just a few trouble spots:)
In The End-Linkin Park  A little rough, but okay.

Saturday Karaoke:
I'm Not Lisa-Jessie Colter  Okay...
I'm With You-Avril Levigne Bleh.
I'm Your Angel-C.Dion/R. Kelly  Did well:)
Invisible Touch-Genesis  Nailed it:)
Ironic-Alannis Morissette  Was complimented by several people:)
Is There Life Out There-Reba  Did well:)
Islands In The Stream-K. Rogers/D. Parton  Sang this with Mark; it wasn't TOO bad!
It's A Heartache-Bonnie Tyler  People cheered:)
It's My Life-Bon Jovi  Not bad!
It's My Party-Leslie Gore Okay,
It's Not Over-Daughtry
It's Now Or Never-Elvis
It's Only Love-B.Adams/T. Turner
It's Only Make Believe-Conway Twitty
It's Raining Men-Weather Girls

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