Friday, October 2, 2015

Flashback Friday: Overworked!

Yes, I realize it's October, but I apparently forgot to post one Friday in September. Since there are 5 Fridays in Oct, I'll post 1975 next week.-MD
Sept 2005:
Recap:  I'd begun watching MDQ and ME (ages 4 and 3), while K (8th grade) and S (5th grade) returned to school.  D was working long hours on an area of 465, doing the wall formations.

The kids and I had settled into a routine, when all of a sudden I received word of D being taken back to the hospital.  He was again dehydrated, and his heart was out of rhythm. Five days later, his condition forced his boss to lay him off.

Financially, this put us into a whirlwind, but he soon went out on another, less stressful job, working little to no overtime.

Meanwhile, MDQ and ME enjoyed exploring the woods with the youngling, and playing on the swing set and climbing tower.

Next Month:  D's Mom is Hospitalized

Present Day:
I have nearly all of my books back up on Amazon:)  Love Weighs In should be live in print by next week, and then I need to find a cover artist to create three more covers.  I'm going to try to combine LFAW and FL, as well as EL and SFL, so the entire series can be in print.  BA can stand on its own.

Karaoke Songs:
I'm Already There-Lonestar
Cool Change-LRB
I'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
I'm With You-Avril Levigne

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