Friday, March 4, 2016

Flashback Friday: OOPS!

March 1976:
This month was full of ups and downs.  One of my classmates had a birthday, and while we were cleaning up our learning stations, I noticed two girls in my class not helping.  I took it upon myself to go tell them to help, but got caught up in conversation.  Before I could go back to what I was doing and let Mrs. V handle it, she swooped down on us and declared that since we were 'goofing off', there would be no ice cream and cake for the three of us.  We had to sit in a corner of the rug in the other room while our classmates ate in front of us and stared at us.

I was furious and humiliated.  In my mind, I had been unjustly punished. 

I'm not sure when Palm Sunday was, but the weather was cold.  My sister, friend KE, and I are bundled in coats before church.

Right before Spring Break, I contracted impetigo and was vomiting everywhere.  Upset due to the fact if I missed school on a Wednesday, I would not be allowed to go bowling with my Girl Scout troop, I tried to go to school, but as Mom fixed my hair after breakfast, my cereal and bacon revolted.  Mom sent me back to bed, then told me if I was feeling better by noon, to go next door and catch a ride to school with my sister.

The morning went well, so I went next door.  But the minute I handed my pass to my teacher, I vomited all over her desk and was sent to the nurse's office.  Mom was furious, since I spent that bowling trip laying down across the seats, too sick to stand up for long. 

I went back to bed as soon as we returned home and didn't try to go back to school again.  I DID find out from one of my friends, that classwork had been halted until Mrs. R could clean up her desk, and a test that was scheduled was postponed until the next day, so everyone was thanking me!

Present Day:
I'm currently in Lafayette, helping Mom and Dad get ready to go to Florida.  Yesterday, I took Mom to a dermatology appointment, then lunch at Arni's, and shopping at Pier One and Walgreens.  After we returned home, I took Dad's truck and went to Indy to meet BC Brown for dinner.  Picked her up at her grandmother's house (g'ma is in the hospital in failing health), and had a delicious meal at Texas Roadhouse.  She's only up here for a few more days, so I was thrilled to see her face to face for three hours.

We woke up to snow yesterday, but since the temps are above freezing, everything is melting, thank god!

Not sure if I'm going to karoake tomorrow night or not, and if so, don't know what I'll sing, other than some of my better ones.  I'm also supposed to get together with my Gal Pals for either lunch or drinks some time in the near future.

Have a great weekend! 

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