Friday, March 11, 2016

Flashback Friday: Spring Break!

March 1986:
Recap:  I'd begun dating JD, one of my roommate's ex-b/f's, and so far had enjoyed two months of letters, phone calls, and seeing him twice.

Spring Break arrived, and EY, K,and I drove north.  EY's brother worked or attended ITT on the north side of Indy, so we drove there, and JD arrived.  We had a nice reunion in a private hallway, then he had to return to his duties at the Volunteer Fire station, while K's mom drove me to my great-grandmother's in Broadripple.  I spent the night with Grandma, and my father picked me up the next morning and drove me home.

JD came up one day to see me, and it just so happened to coincide with the HS sectional games, which my mom worked.  We ate an early dinner with my mom and sister, then went to the game.  After dropping me off at home, I went to bed.

Mom woke me up a few hours later, to tell me JD had called; he'd been in an accident, but was okay.  I didn't take it too seriously, since the prank call in January, and this time he'd said he was unharmed. I went back to sleep.

I did speak to him the next morning and discovered he had indeed totalled his truck, after dozing off at the wheel.  After I returned to school, he sent me pictures of his truck, and thank god he'd been wearing his seat belt!

My AF Officer Returns!
I'd already informed JD of my friendship with my AF officer, and told him I would see him while he was home.  What I had not counted on was a series of events that would ultimately change my life.

S called from the lobby, and I joyously ran down to meet him.  He couldn't stay long, but would call me the next day.

I waited.  And waited. Finally, he called and told me to round up some people for a bonfire/keg party.  I tried, but no one wanted to party on a Monday. Finally, BJG told me she'd go with me, and I waited for S to come get me.

Next Month:  I meet my Soul Mate

Present Day:
I'll be attending the Eagles Craft Fair tomorrow, 9-2pm, then on Sunday, choir is singing at 8am service.  I'll have Chrism Mass practice from 2-4, then heading back to Lafayette with my youngest, know known as Tween, since his birthday was two weeks ago:)

Tonight's Karaoke Songs:
Kerosene-Miranda Lambert
I'll Fall In Love Again-Sammy Hagar
Killing Me Softly-Roberta Flack
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant (Back Up song)
Kid Is Hot Tonight-Loverboy (Back up song)

Have a great weekend!

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