Monday, May 2, 2016

May Reading Schedule

April turned out to be a fairly productive month, even though I didn't really do a whole lot:
-Work on Heart Song  Not even close....
-Work on Whispers story  Finished it!  WOW does that feel GOOD!  Haven't finished anything since June 30th, 2015....
-Do well at Madison Author's Fair  Sold 2....
-Do well at Lincoln Heritage Library in Dale, In  Sold 4, but was also told of 3 sales directly from Amazon, so technically 7:)
-Send Kira off to editor Not yet....
-Fill out Kira cover art request sheet  Check, though I still need to double-check a few things before sending it off.
-Attend E'ville writer's meeting  Postponed until May
-Catch up the Tween in Spelling, Lit, and Grammar  Almost there!
I did manage to write a short (4656 word) fairy story for our Whispers anthology arriving next year:)  Yay....proof my creativity is returning!!

Books Read:  5
Print:  3
E-book:  2
CNF:  1Songs Added to Karaoke Good List:  12
Thurs:  3 (Brower was sick two weeks in a row)
Sat:  9

May Goals:
-Work on Heart Song
-Send Kira to editor,along  with 1st payment
-Send cover request to artist, along with 1st payment
-Make 1st payment to B, cover artist for AU print books  Check:)
-Have a good 25th anniversary celebration  Check:)
-Spend an enjoyable day in Nashville, TN and also sight-see  Check:)
-Edit fairy story
-Do well at Washington Main St craft fair  Sold 2, despite the cold (50s) weather
-Get the Tween to pass 5th grade
-Enroll Tween in CMS
-Attend either Edinburgh Author's Fair  Check:)  Almost sold 2....
-Have a good time at Indy 500 (100th running this year!)  Check!  Alexander Rossi, the rookie I picked to cheer for, won!!!!
-Walk more
-Lose 5+pounds

May Reading List:
Bed, Breakfast, and You-Maddie James  Good story, but format was 'off' in places

Sage's Eyes-VC Andrews  Enjoyed it, though I'd figured it out early, but was wrong about the twist!

Everly-SM Shade Finished it last night and really enjoyed it:)
The Tumor-John Grisham  It was good, despite the present-tense POV
A New Beginning For Nanci-Vikki McCombie  Enjoyable!
Stowaway-Susanne Matthews  Think this was a sample.....enjoyed it!
The Fall of Sky-Alexia Purl  Interesting story
Forever and Always-SM  Loved this!  DRR!
Winning You-Emily Silva  Very good:)
Curve My Song- Sarah Gal  Interesting; got tired of all the 'curvie' references, though.  I would like to read the next one!
Come Love A Cowboy-Kathleen Ball  Enjoyed most of the stories:)  RR
Letters To Daniel-Amy McCorkle  Enjoyed this, despite repetitious facts, typos, and aspects of her life....still, I'm awed and amazed at her marketing skills and the way she refuses to use her disorder as a 'crutch'.
Beginnings-Lori King  Loved this book!  DRR!
Weekend Surrender-L King  Good:)  I had a hard time believing her mother would be so casually accepting of the pregnancy AND the fact she'd been with all 4 fact, I couldn't believe she'd actually TOLD her mother that fact, but good story.
There's Always Tomorrow-SM  LOVED it!  DRR!

I'll Fall In Love Again-Sammy Hagar  DNH
You May Be Right-Billy Joel  Too low....
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-Dick Van Dyke  A bit fast, but not that bad.
You Might Think-Cars  Okay....
Colors of the Wind-Vanessa Williams  Nailed it:)  Crowd pleaser!
You Oughta Know-Alanis Morrisette  Not sure I had enough 'tude', and kept tripping over my tongue.
Come Back To Me-David Cook  DNH
You Needed Me-Anne Murray Good, though slighly low in places
You Should Hear How She Talks About You-Melissa Manchester  Think it sounded okay:)
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant  Not too bad!
You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth-Meatloaf  Voice cracked, so stopped KJ and sang I Got The Boy instead.  That's what I get for not drinking enough water.....

Karaoke Songs (Sat):
Knock Three Times-Tony Orlando  Nailed it:)

Knowing Me, Knowing You-Abba  Very good:)
Kyie-Mister Mister  Pretty good:)  
La Isla Bonita-Madonna  Pretty good:)  I rushed the lyrics in a few places though...
Lady-Styx  Crowd pleaser!
Lady Madonna-Beatles  Not too bad:)
Land of Confusion-Genesis  Did well, but camera batteries quit right before the last stanza.

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