Friday, April 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: Harsh Reality

April 2006:
After the spouse's heart surgery and declaring bankruptcy, we had struggled to hold onto our house.  Even after receiving a map showing our home was in the north-bound lane of the proposed 1-69 expansion,we'd held out for an  offer.  But when the planners decided to make SR 37 the official site, the bank refused to work with us.  My uncle even called Chase and tried to buy our mortgage, but Chase refused.  With all avenues exhausted, we consulted a lawyer, who advised us to simply get out.  I began house hunting.

Next Month:  Last month of school and Indy 500!

Present Day:
My fairy story is complete and undergoing beta-reading:)  So far, reviews have been good.

We spent the morning in Princeton, while the Tween took his final ISTEP tests of the year.

Last night at 'roke, it was the Jerry/Molly/Gary show!  I was able to sing 5 songs:
You Lie Slightly rough,but okaay
Bohemian Rhapsody  Good:)  Brower helped out!
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye  Gary sang it with me; I've not listened to the video yet
Spilled Perfume  Good!
Take Me Home Country Road  I sang harmony and we did it well! Jerry even sang with us:)

Tomorrow, we prepare to celebrate our silver anniversary.  The kids are taking us out to dinner, to probably the Schnitzelbaum in Jasper.  Then I'll be heading out to karaoke.  I'll post my May goals on Monday, so have a great weekend!

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