Friday, November 18, 2016

Flashback Friday: Catching Up....

I've been very busy the past two weeks, first at a Women's Retreat, then at the Indianapolis Gift and Hobby Show. Sold 22 books at the IGAHS and had a wonderful time staying with my SIL:)

Nov 1976:
I think we went 'Black Friday' shopping at Sears, when it was still on the Levee; there's a picture of my sister and I doing 'The Fonz' in the parking lot.  I'm assuming we did Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house in Indianapolis.

In the election, Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford.  My class held a mock election, and since I didn't follow politics, I asked my parents who they were going to vote for, then voted the straight Republican ticket 'since that's what my parents said'.  I do remember watching the returns with my parents and being upset that Ford hadn't won.

Nov 1986:
Brief recap:  JF and I had broken up, due to my stupidity, AND the AF Officer apologized for his behavior and wanted me back.  However, I thought he needed to be taught a lesson and refused, in order to see how he planned to win me back.

A mutual friend of ours was in my Marriage and Family class; in fact, JF and I were both taking that class, me on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning; he once a week at night.  Anyway, Annie learned of the breakup and began trying to get us back together.  She'd tell me how miserable he looked/acted/felt w/o me, and I'm sure she relayed my own misery back to him.

I began to pull away from my roommates, and even moved all my stuff to the other side of the room.  I know this followed a fight over the choices I was making, but can't remember specifics.  My detailed diary of this period of my life is gone, so I don't even have anything to reference other than my memory.

We spent Thanksgiving at home, and late at night, I called the AF officer and told him if he was serious, after all the late-night phone calls and letters, and wanted me back, we'd try it a 5th time.  That conversation left me rolling my eyes, since he was very non-committal.  I hung up the phone and went to bed, resolving to finish my final 3 weeks at VU; go through graduation; and hope and pray my application to Ball State was approved.

Next Month:  A very tearful farewell.

Present Day:
This weekend is Moving Day!  Our wifi and Dish will be installed, so it's time to load up all the furniture and fully move in at the new place, then spend the next two weeks giving our old house a thorough cleaning.

The Powers That Be moved our Christmas Stroll to the 1st weekend in December!

I was VERY happy with the outcome of the election, and hope that the other candidate finally 'gets' it; they've lied one too many times, and I hope she gets what she deserves.  The only thing which alarms me is the possibility of R-V-W being overturned.  I do NOT want that!  If that happens, then women go back to the butchering of pre-1970.  Keep women safe, for those who choose this decision!

In other good news, friend BJG's cancer is in remission!!!!!!

Hope you have a very happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!

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