Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Reading List

How did I do in October?
-Thoroughly clean the new house and get it ready for our 'stuff'
  -Kitchen  Check:)
  -Dining room  Check:)
  -Living room  Check:)
     -Kids  Check:)
     -Ours  Still needs cabinet painted; shower curtain; new curtains
     -Girls  Check:)
     -Boys  Check:)
     -Ours  Still need to clean carpet
-Basement  We now have hot water!!
-Begin moving heavy furniture over  Some has made it over....
-Empty storage unit  Not even close
-Do well at Imaginarium  Sold 1, but attended a workshop which was GOLD!
-Do well at Author Fair on the 15th  Cancelled
-Pay B  Nope
-Pay for OA  Check:)
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist  Nope
-Finish Ghost Story  Nope
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Check!
-Order inventory for Christmas Show  Check:)
-Complete Secret Project #1  Going to cost $100 to mail, so tabled until Nov.

Books Read:  2, both print.

How's The Health?
Lost at least another pound, though I might have put it back on during Halloween...

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  13  
                                                 Thurs:      6
                                                    Sat:        7

November Goals:
-Move completely into new house  Almost....still have stuff in basement
-Thoroughly scrub down old house  Still working on it....
-Have a good Women's Retreat  Check:)
-Do well at Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Sold 22:)  VERY Happy with that total!!
-Pay B  Not yet...
-Start making payments for cover artist and editors for Kira and Heart Song
-Finish Ghost Story.
-Mail Secret Project #1

Nov. Reading Schedule:
Serpent's Shadow-Rick Riordan  Read 1st half....

All That Remains-SM Shade  Read Bk #1 and am 2 or 3 chapters into Bk #2.
Betrayal-Aleatha Rom

Karaoke Songs:
We Are Family-Sister Sledge  Not too bad:)
Forever-Kiss  Nailed it!
We Are The Champions-Queen  Did well:)  WTG Cubs winning the World Series!!!!

We Are The world-USA For Africa  Don't think it was TOO bad...
Except For Monday-Lorrie Morgan  Bleh...
We Are Young-Fun  Let's just say I'm very thankful people were drunk by the time I got up and did this?!?!?!?

Saturday (I can only do two Saturdays this month):
Love Can Build A Bridge-Judds  Think it was okay....
Love Child-Diana Ross and Supremes  Did well except for ending
Love Hurts-Nazareth  Nailed it!

Love In Any Language-Sandi Patti  DNH
Love Is A Battlefield-Pat Benetar  Not too bad, but not keeping it.
Love Is A Stranger-Eurythmics  Bleh....
Love Is Like A Rock-Donnie Iris  DNH

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