Friday, December 9, 2016

Flashback Friday: I'm A Bad Blogger!

Since my return from the Indianapolis Christmas Toy and Hobby Show, I've been busy with moving mountains of boxes into our new home and unpacking them as fast as I can!  I didn't even open my laptop for three weeks, ugh!  (Thankfully, only had 418 emails in my inbox, so it only took me 45 mins to wade through them!)

I'm going to attempt to catch up on these FFs....think I left off with Nov 1996.

Nov 1996:  
I had talked EY (now ES, lol!) and KC into attending our VU Homecoming celebrations the year before (forgot to mention that!), and we'd had such a good time attending the basketball game and enjoying the dance, that KC and I decided to do it again.  Her boyfriend V accompanied us, and we did enjoy the game, but the dance was rather a bust, so we went to CW Dandy's.  During the Electric Slide, KC was accidentally shoved, so she left, and I ended up having a guy try to pick me up.  He couldn't dance it well, though, and I tucked that incident away for use in a future story!

We spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws, and put up their decorations.

I think this was also the month I finally got my tube put into my right ear, which was a painful process until the nurse clamped my head still!

Nov 2006:
I spent the entire month packing up Grandma H's breakables so little W wouldn't break any.  We also went rearranged furniture, gave away some, and moved ours into the house.  For Thanksgiving, our friends in Bicknell invited us over.  I took Bacon-Tomato cups.

Dec 1976:
Went Christmas shopping with Mom at Sears on the Levee; W and I are both doing 'The Fonz' (thumbs up) in the picture.  For my 11th birthday, my Uncle Bill and his new g/f Karen came, along with her son Joe.

For Christmas Eve services, I wore a quilted red skirt, and the next day both my sis and I received costumes:  Mine was a ballet tutu, while W received a bride costume.  W also received an Ernie puppet (from Sesame Street).  I'm wearing red PJs with feet in them.  We had Christmas dinner at Grandma and Grandpa G's on Medford St, then visited with mom's friends the Groustra's.  Enjoyed seeing Peter, Tim, and Vicki again.

We saw several movies over Christmas Break:  Silver Streak (Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Jill Clayburgh), King Kong (with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges), and Candleshoe (Jodie Foster).  Also saw the trailer for a new movie coming out, called Star Wars, but didn't have any desire to go see it.

Dec 1986 (Pt. 1):
After a month of moping around and playing 'will he or won't he' be mine with the AF officer, and hearing how miserable JF was without me, I finally gave into pressure the day I received my graduation notice.  I called JF, fully prepared to simply leave the 'I'm going to graduate after all' message on his machine, but he picked up.  After he congratulated me, an awkward silence followed.  He told me A had mentioned I was miserable; I laughed and said I'd heard the same about him.  Another awkward pause, then he asked if I wanted to go get some ice cream, and I said sure.

He picked me up and before we'd even left the lobby, we'd shared a kiss, a hug, and the 'Oh god, I've missed you so...' conversation.  We went through the drive-through at DQ, then finished our reunion at his place.

My graduation day, my parents, Granny and Grandpa M and Aunt Julie arrived for the ceremony and an impromptu birthday party.  Dad had driven down the Pontiac T-1000 that W drove, so I could come home when finished, and he wouldn't have to make another trip.  I was thrilled; I finally had wheels for the next week, and wouldn't have to borrow a vehicle to get to JF's!

Since my birthday fell on a Friday, and I knew we were flying to Florida the following day, JF and I spent as much time as possible together.  He took me out on the 17th for a special meal, and we decided to try the long-distance thing.  After he left for work on the 18th, I spent the entire day cleaning his trailer from top to bottom, plus I made him a cake and left a loving note on the table.  EY, BJG, KC, and I then left for dinner in Evansville, and to drive around looking at lights and trying to cheer me up, since the thought of leaving him after reconnecting again so soon was depressing.  We had a moment of hilarity:  We went up a narrow street to see where it led, and it turned out to be someone's driveway, and they were throwing a party!  We turned around and did it again; the 3rd time, someone actually opened the door, so we moved on, lol!

When we returned, I called JF and found out I'd managed to reduce him to tears with my actions and note.  With tears in my eyes, I told him, "Ask me to stay and I will...", but he said he could not afford to put me through Ball State.  I told him I wasn't asking him to, but he told me to 'stick with the plan' and we'd see how we felt about each other in 1988.

I think I cried myself to sleep.

The following day, I tearfully packed up my belongings and officially checked out of room 138 Emison Hall.  BJG didn't make things any easier by playing Michael W. Smith's 'Friends' over and over.  I finally drove off, and Mom fixed me a rather watery strawberry dacquari for my 21st birthday, since we would have to get up early and get to the airport.

Next Week:  1986 Pt 2.

Present Day:
I've got nearly everything unpacked:)  We bought at 7.5' tree and decorated it, plus today began decorating the rest of the porch and inside.  The dryer was hooked up on Monday, so we've begun fully living here now.  All that remains is the kitchen table and chairs, a few odds and ends in the living room, and some more stuff in the basement.

Kyle's birthday last night went well; his g/f Alicia came up and we'd bought K a 1.75 lb T-bone while the rest of us had teriyaki and peppercorn pork loin.

No 'roke last night, and I've bombed the last few times.  Hopefully tomorrow I won't sound too bad.  I'll be singing the following songs tomorrow:

Love Me Do-Beatles
Love Is Strange-Mickey/Sylvia
Love Me Like You Do-Elle Goulding
Love of a Lifetime-Firehouse

Weather-wise, the cold has arrived!  After weeks of high 40s, we've now dipped into the 20s.  BRRRR!!!

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