Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Flashback Pt 2

Dec 1986:
Brief Recap:  I graduated from VU, and had a tearful goodbye with not only my roommates, but my recently-reunited boyfriend, JF.  My 21st birthday was a non-event, since it fell on a Friday, and we were leaving for Florida bright and early the next day.  My mom fixed me a rather watery homemade strawberry dacquari after dinner.

We arrived in Florida to warm and sunny weather!  Saturday was spent recupperating from the trip and chatting with Grandma, but on Sunday after church, we went out to dinner and I had my 1st official 'real' strawberry dacquari!  My sister had ordered hers virgin, and I'm not totally convinced our drinks hadn't been switched.

Christmas Day dawned 85 degrees, so after opening our presents, Mom, Wendy, and I hit the beach.  The water, however, was FREEZING!  There is a picture sequence which shows W and I with our toes in the water....then W knee-deep and looking uncertain.....then her horrified reaction when she went in up to her neck!

We also went to my Uncle Bill's house in Naples, where I bonded with my cousin Kelly over her new electronic keyboard, plus we played Mom's new murder mystery game, which involved a video.  W had received U2's Live At Red Rocks, while I had requested Don Johnson's Heartbeat (his 1-hit wonder!).

My aunt let me shut myself in her room and call JF for a few moments.  I also looked forward to New Year's Eve, but to my disappointment, I wasn't allowed to join in the festivities because we were headed back to the airport for the return trip home.

Next Month:  Reunion and finally celebrating my 21st birthday!

Present Day:
The house is decorated for Christmas; we've turned over the keys to the other house; all that remains is to get the outside stuff (canoe, gang box, lawn mower, trash/recycle cans) tomorrow, when the temps are supposed to be in the 50s.  The temps have dipped into the teens this past week!

Finally made cookies yesterday, and today Alexandria and I plan to make Oatmeal Raisin ones.

Cookies Baked:  18 Doz (6 each of Choc. Chip, Holiday Chip, and Winter Chip); however, only 14 Doz were packed away!  Gave away 1 doz to DJ Brower.

Presents Bought:  2

Cards sent:  0.  Christmas letter has been written, but not printed.

Have a GREAT weekend!  We're meeting my parents for dinner at Outback in Terre Haute sometime this weekend, to celebrate mine and K's birthdays:)

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