Friday, October 27, 2017

Flashback Friday: Spiderman is in Da House!

Oct 2007:
Reposted from Nov 1,'s the original link.  Enjoy!

We had one of the best Halloweens last night. The weather was perfect; we didn't have to wear jackets; no wind; no rain. W caught on to the phrase after a few houses, and he actively knocked on doors and piped "Trick or Tweet" when people answered the call:) My older ones went with their friends, and I sent them off with reservations (we've only been here a year, and my son's made some friends this week that I've not met yet, hence the caution!), just told them to 'use their brains' and reminded them that I would not be bailing them out of jail for stupid pranks, and, oh yes, is ruining your choice college chance really worth it?

"Oh know I'm smarter than that!"

"Just doing my job as a parent."

And it paid off. Both teens had a great time, collecting candy from the various businesses, and my daughter even came back and took the baby around again to other blocks when my feet gave out!

And best of all (and this is a little selfish...) with everyone gone the first 90 minutes, there was no one to hand out candy at our house, so we still have some left!!!! Yes, mom's going to be in chocolate heaven the next several days. Especially since I 'buried' that last bag of $100 Grand bars at the bottom:)

The teens are already plotting next year's route, since they enjoyed being in town so much. Last year, we hastily threw on the costumes, bundled up in coats, and did a 2-block radius, since we had just moved into the house. Came home, handed out candy, and unloaded the last of the belongings!

"Mom...if we're still here next year, you have got to go over to Hart Street...the car dealership was handing out handfuls of candy!"

Just don't tell my hubby the kids want to stay (or at least come back!) another year?

*****Present Day*****  
In addition to the Halloween fun, I decided one Friday the baby and I had earned a trip to McDonald's for lunch.  Our McD's didn't have a playscape, but I'd heard the one in Washington did.  And a miracle occurred.

Keep in mind, my 3 y/o had previously only played by himself when at local playscapes, and usually had been tugged through the tunnels by his older siblings and down the slide.  After being at Head Start for only a month, my toddler ate a chicken McNugget and some fries, then happily joined in with the other kids as they ran around!

Yes, I hear you....'he only ate ONE?'  That's our rule.  The kids can play after eating one nugget and a few fries....but whenever they return to the table, another nugget and fries must be consumed before they head back.  I'm not one of these moms who refuse to let their darling child play in the colorful tunnels until they've eaten all their food.  I think it's ridiculous....let them have fun!  So they're eating cold food, who cares?  After a while they catch on that if they eat first, it will still be hot!

But the point is, my baby was finally socialized:)  I was so happy, I hugged his teacher the following Monday!

Also, met with friend Jackie, and we formed a 'Friday Writers Lunch'.  While the toddler played, she and I would talk shop, and she was very encouraging while I was writing Wild At Heart.  In turn, I encouraged her to write her own stories.

Next Month:  My 1st NaNoWriMo!
Present Day:
The spouse, Teen, and Granddaughter were in an accident on Wednesday.  A woman going the wrong way up 9th St (after dropping off her child at Flaget, maybe??) pulled out onto Main St at full speed (obviously, no stop sign while going the wrong way!), and the spouse T-boned her, pushing her into an oncoming car going down Main St.  Minimal damage to the Chevy van; major damage to both her Mercury SUV and to the front end of our truck.  Nobody was seriously injured (25 mph), but my spouse complained of neck pain, so was taken by ambulance to the ER.  CT scan was normal, and he was sent home with painkillers.

Now we're playing phone tag with the adjuster.  Everyone was insured, the driver with Progressive, us with State  Farm, and the 3rd driver with Farm Bureau.

Here's hoping we get a new vehicle asap!

Halloween Plans:
I'm going as Danaerys tomorrow night at karaoke.  Since my camera is still AWOL, and my phone camera is throwing a fit, I hope one of the kids will take a picture of me.  Since the weather's going to be cold, maybe this is the year I should have gone as 'Deaf Leppard'?  Since I was so hot last year in that leppard/cheetah sweater....

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