Friday, November 17, 2017

Flashback Friday: Have We Made A Mistake? Pt. 2

Nov 1997:
Brief recap:  We'd moved into our new home in Morgan Co, on 7.5 acres of land.  Right off the bat, I never really felt as if I 'belonged', since the other women in the neighborhood seemed to be a little snooty, plus I'd had conflicts over our dog, and the kids being allowed to roam free.  Isn't that what being in the country was all about?  I realized my neighbors had brought their city ways into the country, and I didn't like it.

An early snowfall took us by surprise.  The kids and I had gone into 'the city' to meet D for dinner on payday, and snow began to fall.  We began the half hour trip home, and ran into problems.

-The temperature dropped, and ice soon formed.  I followed D, and things went well until we turned off onto SR 39.  One tap of the brakes and I slid sideways, fortunately no one was near me.  D stopped and got me back on the road.

-When we turned off SR 42 onto the back roads, the 2nd turn had me sliding into a ditch, trying to avoid hitting D, who'd also slid into it.  Since he had 4 wheel drive, he was able to get out, but it took him and another man to push me back onto the road.  By now, I was beginning to wish we'd gotten a motel room, as we'd discussed over pizza!

-When we reached the hill, D stopped me and put the chains on my tires, then we ventured onward and upward.  Halfway up, I was terrified when my car began to slide backward.  I was able to hit the brakes...and was relieved when one of our more friendly neighbors recognized our plight and towed me up the hill with his truck.

-Making it safely home, I began to seriously question my sanity about pushing to live in the area.  What would I do if I had to go to town while D was at work?  I did NOT want to end up at the bottom of any ravine!

Thanksgiving that year was spent at D's parents, and the kids enjoyed decorating her tree.  When we arrived home, I unearthed our decorations and discovered our neighbors across the street had 'stolen' my idea about how to decorate my house with the icicle lights.  Not wanting to look like a copy cat, we came up with something a little different, and K enjoyed being on the roof with his dad one sunny afternoon.

Next Month:  Hosting Christmas!

Present Day:
My laptop has indeed died; friend Travis was supposed to come over and bring me one of his to borrow, but we both forgot.  So my NaNo word count is in the toilet.  Thankfully, the desk top still works, even though it throws a fit once in a while.

My camera was found!!!!!  It was under my daughter's bed, with about 15 pictures taken by the granddaughter.

Christmas Gift and Hobby was a success!  Sold 13 books (3 more than last year!) and was able to pay for half of next year's table rental.

Women's Retreat went well also!  I showed up Sunday at 7am, and discovered everything had been moved downstairs.  Talk went well, and turns out I was glad not to have spent the night, since the team slept downstairs, and nearly froze!

Truck Update:  Still waiting on the insurance $$ to be released.  Now he's talking about clearing up one of the credit cards, one of the medical debts, and maybe half of the leaf guards, plus buying me a new lap top, and getting a decent used truck.  I still think he needs to put at least $10K down on a newer truck.  We'll see what he decides.

Have a good weekend!  I'm skipping the Christmas Stroll this year; I've got too much to do, plus I'm sold out of four titles:  Teacher's Pet, Hotel Stories, Best of Both Worlds, and Orion.  Also, I'm down to only one copy of Kira.

Alphabet Karaoke will resume either this weekend or next:)

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