Friday, November 10, 2017

Flashback Friday: Rebellion, Phase #2

November 1987:
Brief Recap:
I began dating CS; began a slow self-destruction of my self-esteem; and the stress of trying to flip my schedule upside down every weekend began to wear on me.

At the end of October, when I 'kidnapped' CS for Fall Break, I learned two things:
-I was never going to be a part of his family, due to their volatile personal nature; I didn't like the way his parents spoke to each other.

-When you're newly dating someone and you need a quick Halloween costume, do NOT roll up your sweater and go as a pregnant teenager.  He will NOT think it amusing, lol!  (O1thers told me I gave a good impression, and one guest at the party thought I was genuinely pregnant!

"Bitch After Midnight"
Since my normal schedule was 9am-midnight, and C's was 2pm-3am, trying to flip my sleep schedule upside down every weekend soon took its toll, and his friends were soon joking that my mood was not the best after a certain time.  This stress soon began to take its toll on our relationship, and when TS showed up one day, I was thrilled to see him again, and took a drive with him to talk to someone who was wide awake at ten in the morning, instead of recupperating from the previous night.

Thanksgiving week was good; I took my finals, though I was stunned at the fact I'd not done very well in my 1st 300 level Social Work class.  I forgot to mention; my professor and I clashed on a personal level, so I was happy to finally be out of that class!

I showed up at the bar to celebrate my freedom from finals, and enjoyed an evening of playing darts with a few of the guys.  But soon we noticed police and were horrified to learn someone had been beaten nearly to death outside our window.  We had to give our names to the police, in order to be questioned later, and decided maybe we'd better not drive just yet, since we'd all been drinking.  One little problem:  The bar would only pay for a taxi if we were going to a motel.

I put my foot down. 

"I will NOT be seen going into a motel with three men!"

So Bill, Marty, and Mike pooled their money and split a taxi to  Denny's, then joked about who was my 'date'.

I think we spent T-day at home that year, then I returned to BSU to begin the winter quarter.  I was also not thrilled to discover that due to the new educational requirements, I now had take another year of Gen Studies, beginning with an 8am Math class.  Fortunately, it was held downstairs in a classroom just outside The Commons, so I could simply throw on sweats over my nightshirt, go to class, then go back upstairs and go back to bed for two hours.

Next Month: Rebellion, Phase #3.

Present Day:
I'm currently up at the Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show:) 

Also, either my laptop has died, or just the switch is malfunctioning.  I need to find out which.  At any rate, with the settlement we MIGHT be getting back from the insurance company, I've been told a new laptop is in my future.  So happy dance!

Have a great weekend!

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