Friday, August 17, 2018

Flashback Friday: State Fair Fun:)

Aug 1998:
We attended our 1st Little League banquet, and I was surprised at the fact K received a participation trophy, even though his team hadn't done very well.  This was the 1st time we were introduced to this concept.  One of the dads on our team accepted the position of League VP, and our assistant coach decided he'd coach the kids next year, asking D to be his assistant.

I took the kids to the State Fair one day, and we happened to park near a special Indpls Colts area, which proved to be a major advantage in getting the kids to leave at the end of the day, ha ha!  They rode a few rides, tried out all the tractors, and we ate our way through the fair.  Afterward, I let the kids go on the giant blow up slide/obstacle course, and they slept all the way home.  This might have even been the day it rained around noon, and we arrived later in the afternoon, when most of the fair goers had been scared away by the rain.

Back To School!
K began 1st grade, and I decided to re-enroll S in her Mother's Day Out program.  Turned out she was still with the same group of kids; the school had added an 'Orange' room, to bridge the transition between the younger kids in the Green room (2 and 3) and the Yellow Room (typically 4 years).  S was thrilled to be back with the friends she'd made as a 2 year old.  Since she was now fully potty-trained in the daytime, she was welcomed back with open arms, and went every Wednesday.

T's Son Makes The News!
We were still taking the Indy Star, and I happened to see an article about '3 y/o Makes Hole In One!', along with a picture of Matt S!  I called T to congratulate him, and he said it had been a circus for the past week, with everyone wanting interviews!  They had decided to pass on Leno, in favor of doing Rosie O'Donnell's show, but Rosie had then cancelled them.  T did have an interview on Bob and Tom, so that made his day!  Just wish I'd heard it.

He and I were able to meet for a few hours, 'to get away from all the craziness', he said.  Titanic was in theaters, and it was SO GOOD!  Very much a tear-jerker at the end!

Next Month:  Labor Day Trip To Crown Point

Present Day:
I've been back home since Tuesday, and have caught up on the laundry, the cooking, and karaoke.  Tomorrow, I head to Petersburg for an event, and will head back next Tues, after taking the vanity to J's house.

Happy early birthday to my niece Rachel, who turns 13 on Sunday!!!!!

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