Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday


Recap: Somehow, skinny, gawky me had managed to catch the eye of D, a senior. One of the girls in my Youth Group had expressed some jealousy, and D had hugged me in November, and shared his popcorn with me on my birthday.

In January, my choir class held a roller skating party. As it happened to coincide with a night we didn't have Youth Group, I secured tickets and offered them to anyone interested. D was one of the ones who paid for a ticket.

I'll admit, I daydreamed about him whisking me gracefully around the floor, hand in hand, or at least arm in arm. But while none of that happened, he did skate beside me several times, and we shared some laughter.

But by the time I'd screwed up the courage to ask him to pairs-skate with me during the final songs of the night, my timing was horrible. I'd made a quick trip to the Ladies Room and when I came out, I saw the jealous one taking his hand and pulling him onto the floor. Shock washed over me, and before I had time to react, one of my friends grabbed me and dragged me after him.

We managed to catch up to D and his partner, and my partner made a point of keeping my focus away from the other two by reminding me not to show any emotions toward them. It worked; at the end of the evening, D caught up to me as I was changing into my street shoes and mentioned he'd been looking for me when E grabbed him. I shrugged and said, 'Next time?"


It hadn't been the night of my dreams, but at least we'd had a good time!


Unknown said...

The days of teenage crushes. I don't think I'd ever want to relive those days. :) But your night ended well.

Mia Watts said...

What's scary, Amber, is that being single again, I feel like a stupid teenager. *grumble* At least with Molly, hers seemed sweet, not stupid. LOL.

Moll, if you two skated today, how would it play out?

Molly Daniels said...

I wouldn't have waited until the final songs to ask him to skate, that's for sure!

Next month: I got a little daring (and it's cheesy; just warning you!)