Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching Up....and March Madness:)

First of all, a Recommended Read:)  My good friend J. Travis Grundon's 3rd book, Happy Hour Blues, was released Feb 24th, and it is the first book of his that I have been able to read cover to cover without being grossed out by too much blood and gore:)  (That's not Travis in the picture; my friend Ben has the honor of holding the book; I was unable to find a good one of the author himself!)

Happy Hours Blues is a page turner; full of grit and honesty, and even a little humorous at times:)  There was only one or two stories where I grimaced at the end, but that's to be expected in a Travis story.  Every story begins with a drink recipe, so if you ever wondered how to make your favorite drink, now's your chance:)

Secondly, I've been watching The Amazing Race, and I'm amazed that Brendan is still with Rachel.  She's whiny; she's fact, I'd compare her behavior on last Sunday's episode to a sulky 8-year-old.  I sincerely hope she's watching herself on television and getting a dose of reality.  She's got B so freaking wrapped around her finger....B, if you're watching, I hWon:)ope you see how whipped you're acting.  Time to go find yourself a real woman instead of this petulant, spoiled child you think you're in love with.  You can do better.

Third, what the hell is going on over at Survivor?  Last week the men won immunity, but caved to a mob mentality so they could go back and vote out Bill?  How insane was that?  They should have pow-wowed behind Colton's back and blindsided that snobbish little idiot.  And last night....OMG....again, why didn't they vote him out?  Monica scores the one and only point....but 'since she has more friends on the other team, she's a bigger threat...' Have you not watched previous seasons?  That's NOT how you play the damn game if you expect your tribe to enter the merge!  Sheesh!

Finally, today is the start of March Madness, where I get to indulge my love of college basketball.  Here are my picks for today's games.  Come back tomorrow for memories from 1982 and more predictions.

Colorado St  Lost:(
Kansas St Won:)
Louisville Won;)
Wisconsin Won:)
Marquette Won:)
Syracuse Won:)
New Mexico Won:)
Harvard Lost:(
Kentucky Won:)
VCU Won:)
Gonzaga Won:)
Baylor Won:)
U Conn Lost:(
Indiana Won:)
Ohio St Won:)
UNLV Lost:(

12-4 for today's games....let's hope tomorrow's not flipped around, lol!

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