Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elite Eight To Final Four

Games are getting tougher to call!

Syracuse Lost:(
Florida Lost:(

As much as I like Florida, I think Louisville might pull it off, but I'm still choosing my Gators:)

Baylor Lost:(
UNC Lost:(

I'm cheering for our hometown Zeller family, though I think Kansas may kick them to the curb.  We'll find out!

And received a nice bit of news in the mail this past week:  The SU was approved for his disability, so this makes it a little easier to breathe; a huge weight has been lifted.  He and I can now get out teeth fixed; bills paid; and even an upgrade to the vehicles.  And maybe a better place to live, with more space for the grandchild arriving in June.

Thank you God:)

What's Kenzie's favorite paranormal character?  Go over to The Writer's Evo tomorrow and find out:)

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