Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh Happy Day:)

1st round edits are finished!  Stayed late at my writer's meeting so I could finish the final thirty pages; opened an email; attached the MS, and hit 'send':)  One last thing to worry about until Round 2 arrives.  I'm hoping to be able to wordwar this afternoon.

Finished reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult last week and LOVED it:)  Now I'm working on a stack of books I brought home from the Author Fair two weeks ago.

I began reading this with my curiosity piqued; I loved the show West Wing and since this is an election year and am paying closer attention to politics (gag!), I thought it would be an interesting read.  And it was....until about Chapter 16.  Here's the premise:  A promising lawyer decides to run for Congress, and after his election, uncovers damning evidence about another congressman.  After it's resolved, the VP has a heart attack and the Prez chooses guess who to be the new VP?  But then another scandal is uncovered.....and then another......and by the time I was finished, I wondered who in their right mind would EVER want to enter politics; is our entire system corrupted; and has politics always been this back-stabbing, power-hungry mess?  I know before the Age of Television and now the internet, things were done more secretively.....but who the hell cares about the sex lives of those in power, or their families' past issues, or even if god forbid, they had a different sex partner every night until they met their current spouse?  Or made sex tapes/took pictures for fun?  How many decent men and women have been shamed out of their political aspirations because someone happened to be camera happy the one time a person got drunk or high and did something slightly questionable?

With that said, I probably will buy Rob Schumaker's next book, just to see the continuing saga.  If you like political stories, by all means; pick this one up.  But by Ch 16, I already 'knew' what was going to happen by the end of the book.  I'm just wondering what new scandals will be revealed in books 2 and 3.  It's my opinion he should have taken this story a little slower, and not 'rushed' the first two scandals so much.  But hey; I've been accused of 'rushing' my plot a bit myself, so who am I to judge?  Buy it for yourself and let me know your opinion.

Next up:  Transcendental Basketball Blues by Mike Pemberton.  I'm already on the 5th chapter, and am enjoying the song titles which are the chapter headings:)  My only complaint so far:  Some chapters are shorter than others, and it seems to be wandering all over the place.  Granted, I began reading after midnight, so maybe my first impression was clouded by a caffeine-induced nineteen hour day?  And so far I'm not doing much better; I was up four and a half hours later.  I'm going to need a nap before choir tonight.

No karaoke tonight; I know I need to go to bed early, plus BC has to work.  But maybe next week?  I'm only 3 or 4 songs away from finishing the 'B' titles!

Have a great day!


Linda Kage said...

Just another reason why I'm so not into politics. I don't care who wrinkled old senators are sleeping with. Eww. Now if Fabio or Jimmy Thomas were running for president, sure, pull out the cameras. But otherwise, I'll pass! Don't want to know.

Fun post, Molly.

Amber Skyze said...

Yeah, I don't care about who they sleep or slept with. My only concern is if they can do the job. Obviously we haven't gotten it right in a long time.