Friday, April 18, 2014

Flashback Friday

April 1994:
A friend's grandfather passed away, coinciding with our trip to the MIL's for Easter.  I spent Saturday in Lawrenceville, reminiscing with the family, then returned to the MIL's.  Easter morning, we went to church, and little K hunted his Easter Eggs.

The weather grew warmer; I took K to the park a few times and let him play on the swings, slide, and in the sandbox.  Snapped pictures of him, and he seemed to enjoy the change of schedule.

Present Day:
I was sick all day yesterday, so today is Recuperation Day.  I missed singing last night, but Tueday's Chrism Mass was wonderful!  Fr. Dave took us all out to the Log Cabin Inn for a late meal.

Today I'm hoping to do the outdoor Way of the Cross like last year, then tomorrow I have Uncle Mac's funeral in the afternoon, then have to be back at church by 8:30;  Yeah, tomorrow's going to be hectic.  Uncle Mac died Monday, just 5 days before his 81st birthday.  RIP.

I AM looking forward to seeing cousins I haven't seen in over 15 years/

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