Monday, April 28, 2014

Reading Update

Am I burned out on reading?  Or just happened to grab a lot of uninteresting books?  This is how my reading goes lately:

1) Pick up book.
2) Blurb sounds good
3) Four or five chapters in; going well.
4)  Suddenly I realize I'm skimming....when will this damn book end?
5)  Big relief when I read last page.
6)  Call it 3 stars...but can't leave a review.

Hopefully this next book will hold my attention.....blurb looks good....uh-oh, repeat steps #3-6.

Thankfully, this 'trend' seems to be over, since beginning Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky.  I had a hard time putting it down last night, and forced myself to do so at midnight.  Went to add it to my GR list and was surprised by all the negative reviews!  Guess maybe my reading taste definitely does not follow the crowd.

So what's your take on my sudden 'reading apathy'?  I know one book I had issues with the head-hopping.  Strange; that never used to bother me before!

Karaoke Update:
Saturday night was okay.  Was told I did well on Endless Summer Nights and God Bless The USA:)  Unfortunately, my camera rebelled and refused to video me.  I did get two of Melissa:)

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