Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Reading List and May Recap

Youngling passed IREAD and did well on ISTEP tests; we were also approved for the K-12 home schooling program,  Yay me....I'll be homeschooling a 4th grader next year.

I was also very happy with the outcome of this year's Indy 500!  If I have any time on my hands this week, I'll post pics.

Books Read:  9, with three DNF.

Karaoke:  One more song added to 'good' list:)

Health/Exercise:  Managed to lose four more pounds:)  Total loss:  20 lbs since Sept:)  Also took a free hearing test and discovered I have 60% hearing loss in my right ear.  Dr is right after all; there IS no fluid behind the eardrum.  I'm simply experiencing true deafness in that ear.  Good news is left ear is working perfectly:)  Just need to get some wax out of it.

Writing:  Began another wip, for a submission call for RP.  Received my highest royalty to date; sold 36 copies of Endless Love in Jan, thanks to that Best Of award:)  (Came in 2nd).  Still no word on alien book acceptance/rejection.

MDQ and ME are back for the summer, and as I write this, we've had them just over 24 hours and I really need to go get a bottle of wine tomorrow.

Reading Schedule:
Princess Pain-Michael D'Ambrosio trying to read this, but the editing is horrible!  Got my blue hilighter out.
Haunting Obsession-R.J. Sullivan Minor issues, and enjoyable story!
Inferno-Dan Brown Loved it!  RR!
The Women of Duck Commander-Robertson women RR!  Wonderful inspiring book!
Shopoholic and Baby Needed a good 'escape' book:)  RR

Almost A Virgin-Berengaria Brown Loved it!  RR
The Vicar's Virgin-BB Loved it! RR
A Promising Virgin-BB Very good!  Want more Deborah:) RR
Sweeter than Sugar-Sandra Sookoo RR!  Loved this!
What To Read After FSOG:  Gemstone Collection-Liz Crowe, et al Over all, great bundle!  Loved some better than others.
Second Chance Love-Jennifer Labelle Enjoyed it
Desires-Holly J Gill Bored halfway through, but good.
The Reunion-Adrianna Kraft Too far outside my comfort level.
Libby's Fireman-Tracey Steinbach RR!  Loved it:)
Sacred Waters-Lydia Michaels Very well written!
The Great Gatsby-F Scott Fitzgerald Boring...hope movie is better!  It had its good parts./
The Man in the Blue Flowered Shorts-Susan Lodge

Karaoke Songs:
Gunpowder and Lead-Miranda Lambert Nailed it!
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves-Cher Little wobbly on 2nd verse
Go Rest High On That Mountain-Vince Gill Not bad:)  Managed to get through it w/o crying.
(7th-out of town; 14th-Steve Tribute (1st anniversary of his passing); 21st-HS reunion; 28th- finish 'G' titles)

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