Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday and More News!

First, the good news:  My alter-ego 'wild child' Kenzie Michaels  has been offered a contract for her entire Sci-Fi Romance series, The Chosen!  Look for cover art soon for Book 1, Star Bound, and projected release date is September:)

July 1984:
My sister and I enjoyed our time in Florida!  We returned home tanned and relaxed.  We attended the annual concert at the park, followed by the 1812 Overture and cannons over the Wabash River, the fireworks.

In late July, my paternal grandparents came to stay with us for a week (I don't remember if this was when my parents went on the Marriage Encounter or not).  My friend A called and invited me to attend the 4-H fair with her.  We watched my friend K participate in the Queen Contest (she didn't win), then hit the Midway.  A and her hubby ran into a friend of theirs, and he and I seemed to hit it off pretty well, even though I got him sick on the Tip Top!  We set up a double date for the following week.

Next Month:  1st Date Disasters and Breaking Hearts

Present Day:
Karaoke Songs for Tomorrow:
Hate Me-Blue October
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You-Rod Stewart
Have You Never Been Mellow-Olivia Newton-John
I Will Be-Leona Lewis

Have a good weekend!  Our pool finally opens tomorrow, so looking forward to taking this kids next week!

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