Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Reading Schedule and June Recap

Is it just me or did June drag?   Maybe it's just because I've had up to 6 kids in my house nearly every day.  Nearly every weekend we had something going on, but man, that M-F sure dragged!  We celebrated the granddaughter's 2nd birthday; welcomed MDQ and ME back into our crowded house; saw my oldest son through a traumatic breakup with his g/f; saw the Women of Duck Dynasty; attended my 30th Class Reunion and reunited in person with my HS boyfriend, plus smacked my best male friend for divorcing wife #2!  Also cleaned up my hotel story just in time for my laptop to crash (and no, I had not backed it up); started another wip at the same time, with the same results; and am in the process of writing the new one (#3) in longhand.  It's been a traumatic month for me.

On the health side, I've lost another 2 pounds or maintaining.  Can't remember.  All I know is my pants are now loose around the waist, so yay!

House Hunting: Thought we'd found our dream home, but someone else got it before we could make an offer.  Choice #2 turned out to be a bad neighborhood, so now I'm half-heartedly pinning my hopes on #3.  Now if I get the chance to see it in person....stay tuned.

Books Read:  16
         Print:  4, with one still in progress
         E-book:  11

July Reading Schedule:
Princess Pain
The Ripper's Daughter
Waiter Rant DRR!  Loved this and now I want the one on tipping!

Man in the Red Flowered Shorts-Susan Lodge Fun read!  
Cards and Caravans-Cindy Spencer Pape DRR!  Loved this book, esp the first intimate scene:)
The Summer I Gave Up Boys-Kassandra Kush DRR!  Loved this!!!!
Unforgettable You-Marci Boudreaux DRR!  Loved, loved, LOVED this book!!!!
Love Beyond Time-Bethany Claire DRR!  Loved this book!
Trouble with a Cowboy-Sandy Sullivan Enjoyable!
Briar's Cowboys-Brynn Paulin Very well written story!
Love and the Economy-Carolyn Gibbs RR!  Very enjoyable story!
Phantom's Rest-Anny Cook (reboot) DRR!  Still very enjoyable:)
Devious-Mark Love
Fetching Love-Tamara Hoffa
The Gentleman's Harlot-Natalie Dae
Slave-Sherri Hayes
Chocolate, Sex, and Other Surprises-Kellie Kamryn

Karaoke Songs:
Hand in my Pocket-Alanis Morrisett Okay
Happiest Girl in the Whole USA-Donna Fargo Started shaky, but okay.
Hard Days Night-Beattles Botched it horribly
Harper Valley PTA-Jeanie Riley Nailed it!  Camera batteries quit, though.
Hate Me-Blue October Did well; only messed up in one spot.
Have I Told You Lately-Rod Stewart Nailed it!
Have You Ever Been Mello-Olivia Newton-John Nailed it, even the high notes:)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain-CCR
He Thinks He'll Keep Her-Mary Chapin Carpenter Nailed it:)
Heart of Rock-n-Roll-Huey Lewis and the News
Heart of the Matter-Don Henley
Heart Won't Lie-Reba/Vince Gill


Melissa Keir said...

I've read Kellie's books! You are going to love that series. Such a fun and quick read! :)

Congrats on surviving June! It sounds like it was enough to test anyone's patience. Here's to July being better!

Molly Daniels said...

I read and loved the 1st two in the series, so definitely looking forward to it!