Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback Friday: Preschool!

Sept 1995:
After a year of hit-and-miss weeks of taking little K to his weekly Mother's Day Out program, I decided to make more of an effort to get him there every Wednesday.  He enjoyed his Yellow Room teacher, and was thrilled to have more time with his 'girls', Kailani and Shelby.

S also wanted to join in, and while I was getting K settled, would wander over to the blocks or the play table and join in. I had to sometimes remove her from the room, kicking and screaming!

S and I would go get breakfast, or do some errands before having lunch, then returning home for her nap.

We also met some new neighbors, who didn't have kids yet, and adored ours.

Next Month:  Halloween Party

Present Day:
I'm fighting a slow-moving virus that zaps my energy.  I overdid things on Wednesday, and paid the price yesterday.  Trying not to make that mistake again!

S began working at our local bakery, and so far enjoys her new job.  She quit Steak-n-Shake after they kept shorting her pay and not giving her the promised raise.

K has his truck up and running again; now it just needs to have the alignment fixed.

Miss A is doing very well with the potty-training, and woke up with a dry diaper this morning!  She loudly protested when I put her in said diaper last night.  Is it possible this is finally the last bag of diapers we'll have to purchase???????

If I DO go to karaoke tomorrow, these are the songs I'll sing:
I'm Already There-Lonestar
Cool Change-Little River BandI'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
I'm With You-Avril Lavigne

Friends BC Brown and Tabby Garcia are in town today, so hope to see them both!  Plus, J. Trav and Stormi are getting married tomorrow!  Best wishes to them both:)

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