Friday, November 13, 2015

Flashback Friday: Strange Proposal!

Nov 1985:
Recap:  I'd begun spending a lot of time with some off campus friends, and making bad choices.  After going out with five guys over the space of two months, my pride and my grades suffered.

I forgot to mention back in Sept, my AF officer had returned home, and indeed wanted to see me!  Unfortunately, the same issues which had cropped up on our second date back in April surfaced, and though we parted friends, I wasn't so sure about a potential romance.

In the spirit of friendship, the letters I sent him mentioned the three guys I'd been partying with, and in November, a letter arrived, calling me out about it.

I responded he'd stated we were 'friends', so I was treating him like one.

A late night phone call came:

"Will you marry me?"

"Sure, why not?"  (I thought it was a joke)

After a few more moments of conversation, he clued in to my not taking him seriously.

"You don't think I'm serious, do you?"

I laughed.  "We've only seen each other twice, and keep having fights on the second date.  How can you possibly be serious?"

"I am serious.  I can't get you off my mind!  I want to spend the rest of my life with you, since you don't put up with any bullshit."

At this point, I began to think he was serious!

"Are you on your knees?"

"Just a I am." I could hear the irritation/movement in his voice.  "Now will you marry me, damn it?"

"Yes."  I started crying.

"Good."  I heard him move again.  "Next time I come home, I'll have a ring for you.  We'll get married after you graduate.  Okay?"

We spoke some more, then hung up.  I went in a daze to EY and related the conversation!

A few days later, I received the news I was on Academic Probation, due to my mid-term grades.  I decided to only party on the weekend, and make my new fiance' proud of me.

Two weeks later, I was on my daily walk when B flagged me down, and we simply talked.  Later, he indicated he was interested in a repeat, and since I was feeling lonely, I agreed.  When I got back to the dorm, I discovered I'd missed S's call, and he'd told EY he'd changed his mind about our engagement.

Since I still hadn't entirely taken him seriously, preferring to 'believe it when I saw the ring', I shrugged it off.

Thanksgiving was quite different that year.  Mom and Dad had finally gotten cable, so my sister and I ended up watching Showtime, MTV, and other various cable network.  The climax was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark that evening:)

Mom and Dad also spoke to me about my grades, and I assured them both I was taking my schoolwork seriously again.

Next Month:  Christmas; my 20th birthday party; getting a new roommate:)

Present Day:
I'm up in Indianapolis at the Christmas Gift, Toy, and Hobby Show:)

I've also been the victim of Friday the 13th:  I picked up my rental car, with the understanding they would only charge my account $150. Imagine my shock when I saw they'd taken out $283! Half an hour later, instead of refunding $100, he'd accidentally CHARGED me another $100. Two phone calls to the bank, and I was able to get that one refunded.  But this now left me with $75 overdrawn.  D gave me the emergency credit card and told me to take it easy.
11/14/15 Update:  Enterprise has fixed their error, refunding me $200:)  This still only leaves me less than $30, but at least I'm back on the plus side, and I've been charged NO overdraft fees!  Thank you Lord, and Enterprise is off my sh*t list, lol!  I hope they don't fire Dave, the poor guy who'd only been on the job for a month.  It was an honest mistake.

Day 1:  Sold 8:)

Day 2:  Sold 7, gifted 2:)

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