Monday, November 9, 2015

November Goals

So how did I do on those fabulous goals last month?
-Finish Heart Song!  *whimper*  Not even close....
-Clean up Kira and send it off to RP.Check:)
-Buy Book Rack  Nope....this one will have to wait until next year....
-Pay for July trip to Par-A-Dice  Paid half, so that's good!
-Get print versions of BOBW, BA, and others up.  Print version of BOBW is up:)  Rest will be done next year:)
-Publish kindle versions of AFD and WAH.  Check:)

Verdict:  50%.

Books Read:  7

Karaoke Songs Added:  10:)

Halloween Update: I went as a vampire, in my MIL's old black formal and red and black wig; Daughter and Reagan went as Sugar Skulls; granddaughter was a kitty cat for her daddy and Tinkerbell for us:)

November Goals:
-Finish Heart Song!
-Attend Women's Retreat Check:)
-Do well at Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show Check:)  Sold 15 books!
-Do well at Holiday Vendor Event Sold 5:)
-Relaxing Thanksgiving Check:)
-Start Christmas shopping
-Decorate house

November Reading Schedule:
Serendipity-Carly Phillips Really enjoyed this!  DRR!
Hot Number-Carly Phillips  Wonderful story!  DRR!  Now I want the others in this series!!
Lucky Streak-Carly Phillips  Loved this! DRR Now I also want the other in this series:)
Until I Saw Your Smile-JJ Murray  Found this tedious and somewhat dull, but did manage to enjoy some of the middle, and did finish it.

Thursday Karaoke Songs:
Since I'm back down to only twice a month, I think I'm going to start singing some of my favorites, then beginning in December, start with the 'Z' titles and work my way backwards through the alphabet.

Saturday Karaoke Songs:
In The City-Eagles  Nailed it:)
It's Not Over-Daughtry  I thought it was a little rough, but received compliments!
It's Only Love-B.Adams/T. Turner  DNH
It's Raining Men-Weather Girls
It's So Easy-Linda Ronstadt
It's Too Late-Carole King
It's Your Call-Reba

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