Friday, November 6, 2015

Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving With Friends:)

Nov. 1975:
My sister and I were both in the annual PTA program, singing who-knows-what.  Not sure if this doubled as the Christmas Concert or not.

Mom and Dad had joined a Small Group Bible Study with other families, so we hosted Thanksgiving.  We turned our living room into the dining room, with the large table with both leaves for the adults, and a smaller card table for the kids.

Those in attendance included:
Carl, Anita, Greg, and Dana Pirkle
Tom, Nancy, Gretchen, and Stig Zarle
Don and Cathy Campbell.

Stig was the youngest, so he sat with his mother while Dana, Gretchen, Wendy, and I sat at the card table.  Greg was in high school, so he was considered an adult.

After the meal, we kids put on skits to entertain the adults.  My room was the staging area, and we have pictures of Stig on Greg's shoulders and covered with a blanket, plus my sister wearing dark glasses, carrying a Halloween bag, with a sheet draped across her shoulders, cape-style.  I guess Mom grabbed the camera too late, for these were the only pictures taken, beside the one of the dinner table.

I think this may be the year I got upset, because my room was trashed.  I remember walking in at one point and seeing my mattress completely off the box springs.  I complained to my mom, and she made us all pick up the mess.

Present Day:
I'm off to my Women's Retreat this weekend!  Today I'm making cookies and getting everything ready for a fun-filled weekend of fellowship and prayer.

Which means no karaoke on Saturday.  I did go last night, and sang the following songs:
Foolish Beat-Debbie Gibson
Telephone Man-Meri Wilson
Let It Go-Idina Menzel

Have a safe and happy weekend!  I'll post my November goals next week.


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