Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Goals

So how did I do in November?
-Finish Heart Song!
-Attend Women's Retreat Check:)
-Do well at Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show Check:)  Sold 15 books!
-Do well at Holiday Vendor Event Sold 5:)
-Relaxing Thanksgiving Check:)
-Start Christmas shopping
-Decorate house 

Just over 50%....not bad, not great.  In my defense, we didn't do the last two, due to my baking cookies and the granddaughter's visitation with her dad was switched.  We'll get it done this weekend when there is more energy on everyone's part!

So Heart Song....Where Does It Stand?
At this point, I don't know.  Book #5 isn't out yet and it was supposed to release on the 1st, so I'm assuming this means everything gets pushed back, which again, is good news for me!  So if I'm no longer bound the Dec 29th date, maybe after the holidays are over, my stupid writer's block will lift!  Instead of relaxing over the break between X-mas and New Years, I'll be writing????

Books Read:  4

Karaoke Songs Added:  4

Hearing aids are doing well!

Had an AWESOME women's retreat, and wonderful weekend in Indianapolis, and another wonderful surprise in my bank account when my 1st KU royalty report arrived:)  I've been so blessed this year, I hardly know where to start thanking everyone!

December Goals:
-Start/finish shopping
-Decorate house  Check:)  Thank you Sara!
-Start buying promo items for next year
-Dye hair  Check:)
-See Star Wars Check....OMG I want to see it again!!!!
-Have a GREAT time at my birthday party!  Check and double-check!
-Bake lots of cookies Check:)
-Send out cards
-Write Family newsletter
-Spend a week or two with my mom when it's all over!

Thursday Karaoke Songs:
It's Only Love-Bryan Adams/Tina Turner  Sang it solo and wasn't too bad....
Zoot Suit Riot-cherry Poppin' Daddies  Bleh.  Deleted the video. That bad!
We've Got To Fight For Your Right-Beastie Boys Sang this with Elaine, and it wasn't too bad:) We rocked the bar, ha ha!
YMCA- Village People
Yesterday Once More-Carpenters
You and Me-Alice Cooper

Saturday Karaoke Songs
It's Raining Men-Weather Girls Mark:  DNH  Brower??
It's So Easy-Linda Ronstadt Good:)
It's Too Late-Carole King Not bad:)
It's Your Call-Reba McEntire Was doing well until the song just stopped.  Will sing this again:)
I Kisses A Girl-Katy Perry  Rough, but was complimented. Will watch vid first before I decide.
I Won't Last A Day w/o You-Carpenters Too low....bleh
If You Asked Me To-Celine Dion Was alright until final chorus...will try again:)
Isn't It Time-Babys DNH
It Must Have Been Love-Roxette  DNH

December Reading List
Shirley-Shirley Jones  Loved this autobiography!!!
Water's Threshold-Jillian Jacobs  Not too bad....definitely interesting, but not a page-turner for me.
Lightening Strike-Beverly Ovaille

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