Friday, December 18, 2015

Flashback Friday: Robbed!

Dec 1995:
After we returned from Thanksgiving, I went over to our storage unit and retrieved our Christmas decorations.  I spent all day putting up the tree and other decorations, then the following day, sent D back to storage with the empty boxes.  A few minutes later, he called me.  Tammy, the storage unit manager, had noticed a different lock on our unit and was about to call us when she spotted D at the entrance and flagged him down.

D said we had NOT gotten a new lock and gave her permission to break it.  When they opened our unit, they discovered it tossed.  What had happened, Tammy said, was someone had apparently watched me open it, and after I'd left, broken our lock, took what they could immediately carry, taken inventory, then placed their lock on our unit to return for the rest later.

What they needed me to do was see what was missing.  Among the missing items were:
-My tupperware demo kit;
-Our entire box of Christmas presents;
-My suit bag, containing my good suit and the two dresses I'd worn in both my friends' weddings.

I was floored and furious, since a prized picture collage was damaged.

I also felt extremely violated, and told D we needed to move out of the city asap.

We didn't have renter's insurance, so my mom took me downtown one day and helped me buy our Christmas gifts for that year.

I dragged insisted we attend Christmas Eve services that year, though K rebelled.

Christmas Day, we drove down and spent Christmas with the in-laws.

New Year's Eve, I received a phone call from an old and dear friend I'd not seen since 1990, and we made plans to get together after the holidays.

Next Month:  House Hunting in Earnest

Present Day:
I've spent the entire day working with W, catching him up on lessons.  We've done all but 5 History and 2 Spelling units:)

Last night, K and I went to karaoke and I was able to sing three songs:
Silver Springs (nailed it and was even cheered!)
Broken (with K, and it's rough....K was slightly drunk!)
Bleeding Love (with Gary as back up's okay)

DJ Brower even announced my birthday and played two songs for me:  Let It Rock by Lil' Wayne and Kevin Rudolph, and Midnight Star's No Parking On The Dance Floor:)

Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair dyed blue; Erica's arriving; we'll do dinner at El Corral; then off to 'roke!  Planning to sing the following songs:
Pride (U2)
Separate Ways (Journey)
Let It Go (Frozen) OR I Remember You (Skid Row)
I Will Be (Leona Lewis)
I Touch Myself (Divinyls-if I'm liquored up enough!)

Here's to turning 50!!!

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