Friday, December 11, 2015

Flashback Friday: Christmas In Florida!!!

December 1985:
Finals approached and so did my birthday. Tensions between the three of us (E, K, and myself) and roommate J came to a head; a meeting with our R.A. resulted in J moving to another room, and 4'11" BJG joining us.  She and E were in the same class, and I confess that when I first met her, I wondered why a little boy was at a college dance!  BJG is a tomboy, and that's why I mistook her not only for a BOY, but also a kid!

With that out of the way, and my 'engagement' broken, BWG and I had two more dates before I left on vacation.  The first one, we made up dirty dialogue to the cartoon The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  A week later, we enjoyed each other's company the day before my birthday.  I was disappointed he couldn't be with me on my big day, but understood his obligations to his son.

After finals were completed, E, whose parents let her have a car after mid-terms, drove K and I to Indianapolis.  We rendezvoused at my great-grandmother's house in Broadripple, and met my parents there too.  After K went home, E went with us to Olive Garden.  Mom and Dad had gotten me a Kodak Disc camera, and we had some hilarity at the restaurant.  We ended up being very friendly with our waiter, Joe, and afterward, even took a picture with him, my sister, E, and myself.  We joked later it was my low-cut blouse, E's good looks, and my sister's sense of humor which kept him coming back to our table!

Since this was our 1st Christmas without Grandpa G, Grandma paid for our airline tickets to Florida.  We left Indiana in 0 degree weather Christmas Day and stepped off the plane 2 hours later in 50 degree weather.  Off came our coats, while everyone in the St. Pete/Clearwater airport were shivering!  We stayed several days and had a good time.  I remember sending postcards to N, G, and BG, as well as my roommates.

I'm not sure what we did for New Year's Eve that year.

Present Day:
I decided to host an event on FB called The 12 Days Of Celebration, since Amazon deposited a nice sum in my bank account at the beginning of the month.  To thank my readers, I'm awarding a book or two each day, and so far, things are going well:)

Last Sunday, we met my parents at Outback Steakhouse in Terre Haute, to celebrate both mine and K's birthdays.  Mom got me a lovely portable jewelry box, with four pairs of earrings and two tennis bracelets (I LOVE the sparkly one!), and we had a wonderful meal!  I had the Victoria Fillet with Mushroom Marsala sauce, and loved it so much I looked it up online to recreate it for K's steak dinner celebration.  Ended up with waaaay too much, so I'm hoping it doesn't go bad before we have steak again, lol!

I skipped going to karaoke last night, since last week, D complained about it, and pitched a fit when I wanted to go on Saturday after the Purdue X-mas Show (which was AMAZING!).  I ended up being too tired, anyway, so plan to sing the same songs as I'd planned last week:
It's Raining Men
It's So Easy
It's Too Late
It's Your Call.

Cookies Baked:  
              M&M:  6 doz
Holiday Chip:  7 doz (no one was around to eat the dough or grab cookies!)

Presents Bought:  1  (yeah, I need to get with the program!  Payday's Wednesday, lol!)

Christmas Cards Sent:  0, though they're all signed and addressed.  Ran out of ink in the printer, and have to revise the letter, so hopefully will get them in the mail this week:)

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