Friday, September 2, 2016

Flashback Friday: Impressions of New Teacher

Sept 1976:
Did I mention Sid, our Basset Hound, had a bad habit of following the school bus?  After weeks of having to keep him indoors every day after school until the bus disappeared, I don't remember if I suddenly decided to trust him, or if this happened on a weekend.  Anyway, my parents received the distressing news that Sid had been found on the highway (a quarter of a mile from our house).  Sid had been a wonderful addition to our family, causing hilarity when someone fed him leftover Rice Krispy cereal and forgot to put it in his special food bowl, the extra-wide one, to accommodate his ears!  Sid had the cereal on both ears, until someone caught him and washed it off!

I don't remember when Jaime, the golden retriever puppy, came to live with us, but there's a picture of me holding her in September.  I think we gave her away after a few weeks, because she chewed everything, plus had a hard time being house-broken.

After my tough year in 4th grade, I was still thrilled to find out AF was in my class again, though Mr. M had placed girls on one side of the room and boys on the other.  I was against the blackboard, while A was clear across the room by the divider.  A few weeks into the school year, Mr. M moved the boy in the last row, behind A, and asked for a volunteer.  I held up my hand, and moved my desk, not realizing this would place me in the hot sun every afternoon.  Mr. M caught me fanning myself and reminded me it had been my choice to move.

I resolved to stay on his good side, since he'd told us on day #1 he DID spank students, and had the paddle hanging behind his desk on the wall.  I would live in fear of that paddle the rest of the year.

Movies seen:  Gus (Walt Disney) and Logan's Run (though I didn't completely understand it!).

For TV, I was hooked on Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Charlie's Angels.

Present Day:
We have to take the granddaughter to Urgent Care, since she's broken out in a rash/bites all down her legs and tummy.  I'm praying it's not scabies!

Tonight is the Wine, Cheese, and Art Festival in Washington, and I'm hoping to do well tonight, since I sold 5 books in 2014 and six in 2016:)  I'll be handing out free copies of my poem, The Sounds of Indiana, and selling samples of the Adult Coloring Book.

Karaoke was cancelled last night, due to technical difficulties!  Jerry was singing "Queen of Memphis" when just as the 2nd verse began, the sound quit.  Brower tried to fix it, even rebooted the entire system, but still no sound.  He's hoping to have it fixed this weekend!  I think the family was surprised to see me home after only being gone an hour, lol!

Saturday, I plan to sing the following:
Little Toy Guns-Carrie Underwood
Little White Church-Little Big Town
Little Willy-Sweet
Let's Hear It For The Boy-Deniece Williams

Some upsetting news:  Tween came home, asking if I'd gotten the message from the principal.  Apparently, he'd taken a marker and drawn on some lockers and the wall, and now had an In School Suspension (ISS) for the next 2 days.  I called Mr. Pfoff, and told him I was in his corner, and to have him also do some janitorial work, like sweeping the cafeteria and wiping down the tables!  He's not allowed to clean up the marker, because of the chemicals (according to Mr. Pfoff).  He's just lost his PS3 privileges again, having gained them back for homework issues in August.  He's also lucky he doesn't have a game this weekend; we would have 'benched' him.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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