Friday, September 9, 2016

Flashback Friday: Making Weird Choices....

September 1986:
Brief Recap:  JD and I were definitely over, since he chose his summer fling over me; I'd met JF during my final weeks at summer school, and we had definitely 'clicked'; plus I was enjoying my FWB relationship with TH.  Now, I was about to start my final semester at VU....

Ah September.....this was one of those times when if I could go back and reverse some choices, I would.....

First of all, I left out a person I'd met, a guy who enjoyed Trivial Pursuit as much as I did.  We had several games which lasted DAYS, and we went for long platonic walks.

Until the day he screwed up his courage and kissed me.  Tiny sparks were there, but I was already with JF, so I discouraged him further.

Speaking of JF....he was sending out confusing signals.  I knew he'd just gotten out of a divorce, so I figured he wanted to take some time before diving head first into a solid relationship again.


He would frequently introduce me to his friends, then say something like, "Why don't you date him? He's got a lot of money/He likes to dance/He likes Star Wars as much as you do."

I wanted so badly to tell him, "I don't want to date your friends, I want to date YOU!", but I held back, thinking I was rushing him.

Yeah....if I could go back......

Mistake #2 was when I met Bennie, TH's roommate.  I thought he and I would be a good match, with the exception of the fact I was maybe half an inch taller, and the fact I was now with JF.  Bennie and went out one evening and ended up play-acting, which ended up in me wearing his HS ring.  I gave it back after a week, choosing to be with JF instead.  I have to say this much; JF was extremely tolerent of this flip-flop!  I think it helped I'd only kissed Ben, and nothing more.

Mistake #3 was when a freshman danced with me one night, and we went for a walk.  One thing led to another, but when I refused to see him again, he bad-mouthed me for a week.  Yeah, I was stupid....

Mistake #4 happened with the AF officer came home.  I stupidly believed him when he said the girl he brought home was for someone else, then didn't believe his mother when she told me otherwise.  BUT....After meeting him and TS in the lobby (it was TS I threw my arms around, incidentally!), then being left alone for two days w/o so much as a phone call, I was beginning to suspect he'd lied to me. One evening, he called me, obviously drunk, from a party, and wanted to come get me.  I said no; it was midnight, and I was in bed.  After a heated argument, in which he threatened to never speak to me again if I hung up and I had replied 'Good, so I can get some sleep!", he paused and said, "Now,let's think about this for a moment."

"There's nothing to think about.  I have a test in the morning and I need my damn sleep."

TS got on the phone and talked me out of my mad.  Since my roommates were now yelling at me to either hang up or go out in the hall, I relented and agreed to meet them outside in a few minutes.  I crawled out of bed to hang up the phone and all three of my roomies cheered!

BUT.....'a few minutes' turned into an hour.  I had just decided to return to my warm bed when they pulled up.  I almost didn't go out, but I wanted to see TS again. To my surprise, T didn't drive me to a party; he drove to a cornfield.  When I found out what S wanted, and T wouldn't leave the car, my temper blew.  They took me back to campus and I was so furious, I had trouble getting back to sleep.  I DID make it to class on time, and I DID pass my test.

But the biggest mistake I regret?  When BG and I went to sign up for our classes, she stated she thought she'd seen TS.  I argued with her, saying she couldn't have possibly seen him, since he was attending the University of Illinois.  When I saw him that night of the yelling match, he'd transferred to VU.  I could have saved myself some major angst if we'd reconnected before Labor Day.

Present Day:
Revealing Secret Project #2:
We've been approved for mortgage, and will be closing on our new house in two weeks!  We're getting it for an absolute STEAL, since it's part of an estate and the owner, who knows the spouse's family very well, just wants to get rid of it.  I applied for the mortgage July 1st, and everything has been smooth sailing.  I'm looking forward to cleaning it up, moving in, and having 2 bathrooms!!!

This weekend, weather permitting (it's supposed to rain, ugh!), I'll be setting up my booth at the Bicentennial Celebration (Indiana turns 200 on Dec 11th) both days, and looking forward to seeing the torch arrive around 8pm on Sunday.  Tween also has a game on Saturday at 3; I may have to miss this one.  Also, really hoping the heat cools off!

Karaoke Songs For Tomorrow:
Live Like You Were Dying-Tim McGraw
Live To Tell-Madonna
Longer-Dan Fogleburg
Long Goodbye-Brooks and Dunn
(Back Up Song): Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee-Grease

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