Sunday, September 25, 2016

So Ashamed....

From Greg Browning:

"Wednesday, Sept 21st, the Indiana Fever decided to make their voices known about the social injustices occurring in our country these days. The entire team locked arms and didn't stand while the National Anthem played, but instead took a knee. The Fever made national news this morning, not by how they performed during the game, but instead by being the first professional sporting team to protest by not standing during our anthem. I have mixed emotions about this, because as long as I can remember, I've always stood. As a small child, I can recall doing this before our t-ball games. I asked my parents why we stand and put our hand over our heart. They explained it's out of respect and love for our country, and for the men and women who fought to make the U.S free. So I am saddened to see the Indiana Fever not standing last night. It was disrespectful. Also, these ladies are roll models to children...and adults for that matter. I understand that they are exercising their freedom of speech and wanting to draw attention to a serious concern, but to what end? What if every player on both teams had some cause they were passionate about, and refused to stand? Or EVERY PERSON at the game refused to stand because they wanted to protest the 'issue du jour'? Hell, let's just stop playing the National Anthem, because according to these athletes the anthem and our flag isn't something to be respected and proud of, but instead they're selfishly using it as a platform for their own interests. I will give the Fever this much credit...they are at least protesting peacefully, unlike those clowns in the news who are rioting in North Carolina last night. They're only damaging their community further. There's a group that I wish would take a knee."

Ever since that Quarterback-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (why give him more SEO??) protested disgraced himself by refusing to stand during the National Anthem, a lot of other sheep athletes have followed his example lead.  All in the name of 'let's protest this issue of white cops killing unarmed blacks'.  

Yes, they have a right to protest.  And they're doing it peacefully, unlike the idiots who riot and cause more dissension in their communities.  Guess what?  Several of these victims were NOT 'unarmed'.

Let me veer away from my topic a moment, and reiterate something I heard:  If we as parents teach our kids to respect officers (black or white...I don't care!) and to not run away/brandish a gun/smart off to them, your kid may not get into worse trouble.  Yes, there are always circumstances in which it might always work in your favor, such as mistaken identity (hey, it DOES happen!), but for the most part, if you're respectful to the cops, they'll be more inclined to treat you decently.  If you act guilty, they're gonna assume you're guilty, or have something to hide.

Back to the subject at hand:  You live in our country.  You play for our country. Therefore, RESPECT  our flag and our National Anthem.  I'm not particularly happy with our present leaders, but for some misguided reason, the majority kept them in office four years ago, and I respect that.  I don't have to agree with everything, and I hope to God we elect the right person to lead us during the next four years.  I do not want to live in fear of being beheaded; lose my constitutional rights; or enter another Depression or even nuclear war.  I'm too young to remember the events of 1979...I hated politics at the time and yes, made fun of the president at the time, and I did believe in our leader at the time in the 90s, and am now not happy about all the lies told, but he was the lesser of two evils at the time, and I liked the gas prices!  But the current nominee....I'm jumping ship.

I watched the 60 minutes segment on Libertarians and realize my values line up better with them, though I doubt they'll ever be a majority party.  I'm Pro-Choice, though I wouldn't personally do it, but I'm not going to begrudge others their choices.  I'd rather it be safe than women resort to back-alley tactics again.  In the meantime, I don't vote one straight ticket; I vote on the issues.  But what about the Primary?  I vote whichever ticket I recognize the most names.  During this year, I voted for BS, just to keep the other person from getting my vote.  The spouse and kids voted the other party, so they cancelled me out.  I don't care; they voted their conscience; I voted mine.

Not every candidate is infallible.  Our founding fathers probably would not have been voted into office, had 24/7 news coverage been available at the time.  They did what they thought was best for our country, not what was best for them.

Oops, I digressed again.  I used to follow the Indiana Fever.  I applauded when a few Purdue grads were chosen for the team, and was happy to see another Women's team.

 But I'm not proud of their decision to protest follow the misguided theory this will bring change.

We all need to remember the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others and stop believing hyped up idiots who think they're doing the right things when they're only driving the dissension further.

You want our country to fall into ISIS control?  You WANT our country to be like pre-WWII Germany?  Or Communist China?  Socialist Russia?  By all means, you have the right to live wherever you want.  I want to live in a free society. where I don't have to live in fear of the government taking away my rights.

Stand up and be a proud American.  Honor our flag or leave.

Your choice.

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