Friday, October 7, 2016

Flashback Friday: Family Resemblance!

Oct 1976:
First of all, I want to wish my sister a very happy 46th birthday!!!  Love and miss you!!!

My sister turned six, and celebrated with her friends.  We also made a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Noblesville (no longer there...*sad face*).  Mom took pictures of us on the hay ride and I realized I look just like my Aunt Linda!  Proof I wasn't adopted, after all....(since I was blonde, and my parents and sister all had dark hair, W kept trying to tell me I was adopted, lol!)

A new couple joined Mom and Dad's small group Bible Study, R and C Hoffer, with their three boys.  P was much older than me, while the twins, S and D were a year younger.  I enjoyed going to their house, since they had a ping-pong table in their basement:)

Next Month:  Thanksgiving!

Present Day:
We closed on the house last Friday!  We are now the proud owners of 203 and 205 Nicholas Dr, and 512 S 2nd:)  The green house on 2nd will be torn down ASAP, while the brown house (203) is being negotiated.  We were able to see inside the brown house for the 1st time on Sat, and I fell in love with the front room, with the huge fireplace.  There is still a lot of stuff to go through in the coming months, though the back two rooms reek heavily of animal feces.  One of those rooms the spouse wants to keep after demolition as a storage room; I say keep the front room and porch, and maybe the kitchen, bathroom, and other room.  I'm also interested in seeing the basement.

Operation Kitchen Rehab:
So far this week, we've repaired the outside wall above the window, scrubbed the grimy floor, washed down the walls, and vacuumed the cabinets.  I've also decided to try to repaint the room the same shade of blue, or at least as close as I can get.  We also need to relocate the door to the back entryway to the other side, so a dishwasher can be purchased at a later date.  The spouse plans to rip off the decaying partial roof above the back door and reconstruct it.

Next year, we plan to extend the kitchen outward 8 feet.

Living Room and Dining Room Plans:
We'll be painting the living room a soft blue "Magical", and the living room a pretty yellow "Turning Oakleaf".  At some point, we'll also have to deep clean the carpets.

Bedroom Plans:
Master:  For now, just a good cleaning of the carpets and walls.
Girls':  They've cleaned the walls and vacuumed the carpet and have already planned where to put the beds and dressers.  S has even hung one of her posters up.  Still have to strip windows, since one is painted/caulked shut.
Boys':  So far it's been thoroughly cleaned, with the exception of the closet (I think).  Also, their window needs the same treatment as the one in the girls' room.

Bathroom Plans:
Master:  It needs a shower head and curtain, and walls cleaned; think I'm going to paint it red.
Kids':  They plan to paint the walls brown and the cabinets Hunter Orange, plus purchase camo shower curtain and accessories.  We also need to move the light from the bathtub/shower and get the lights above the sink functional.

K plans to build himself a room under the girls' room, while my office will go under the kitchen.  No clue where the train set, tools, workbench, pantry, etc will go.

Plans For Tomorrow:
Hopefully, I'll be off to Imaginarium in Louisville in the morning!  As of this writing, I'm still hoping the spouse will release $100 for me to attend ($60 for car, $30 for booth fee, $10 for food....yeah, I know....)

Tonight, I'm setting up on Main St for the 2nd Annual Autumn on Main St festival.  Maybe I'll sell a few books and earn some food $$ for tomorrow???

Have a great weekend!

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