Friday, October 28, 2016

Flashback Friday: Connections

Oct 2006:
Forgot to mention; back in August I found out about a monthly writer's meeting at Starbucks in Martinsville, and the spouse didn't object when I asked him about it, so I went.  And promptly found out I was considered 'royalty', because I had a published book.  The leader of the group, TD, was also published, while the others weren't.  The group was interested in my efforts, and we did a 5 minute writing prompt, so I left, encouraged that I'd found kindred souls.

In Sept, I was the only one who showed up besides two others, so we simply talked.  In Oct, I had to tell the group we were moving, and TD and I exchanged email addresses.

One Final Effort To Stay....
I gave up on finding a house and looked into a 3 BRM apartment.  I found one that might work, and drove back to tell D.  The next day, we went to see it, but he overshot the parking area, and we ended up driving by the office with it's large 'OPEN' sign.  We drove around the complex, parked, said a prayer that this might be our answer, walked up to the door, and 'CLOSED' was on the door.  We took that as a sign for 'No', so drove home and resigned our fate to moving to his mother's house.

I called the U-Haul place and reserved a truck; however, he didn't have the size we wanted, but agreed to give us the larger one for the same price.

Friends showed up on Saturday to help us pack the truck; Sunday after an emotional church service, we finished loading up the van and drove the two hours to Vincennes.  Dad came down the next day and paid the 1st month's rent on a storage unit, then after unloading and returning the truck, he took us to lunch.  Later that day, we headed back to the house for another load and to spend the night and watch Heroes at a neighbor's house.  D went to work, while the kids and I packed more stuff.  We waiting until school let out, so they could say goodbye to their friends, and we headed back down here.  We arrived just in time to stuff W into his costume and take him out to see Grandma, plus around the block and pass out what Halloween candy we had before unpacking the car and falling into bed.

Next Month:  Making the Most Of A Bad Situation.

Present Day:
We've moved over a few LRM tables and some smaller items to the new house!  Just waiting on the new stove and dryer (both gas) to be delivered.  SU also repaired the water hook up to the water heater, so now we finally have hot water:)  The gas fittings to the stove and dryer are in place; as soon as those items are in place, we can start moving things over.

We also donated at least 15 bags of stuffed animals, clothing, and other items to St. Vincent de Paul store, and as soon as we can begin clearing out the storage unit, more will follow.

What's My Halloween Costume This Year?
Found my cheetah/leopard print sweater, so will wear it with black leggings, a tail, and duct-taped ears ala 'Deaf' Leopard:)  Or, it that's not your reference point, I'll simply be a 'Cheetah Girl'.  If you don't remember either of those.....well, then remember I'm 50 years old.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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