Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Reading Schedule

Did September seem to drag on forever?  Here's what I ended up doing this month:
-Do well at Wine and Art Fest  Bleh....sold one key chain. Everyone wanted Hotel Stories, which I was sold out of.
-Pay for and attend the Eminence Fall Festival???  Not looking very promising.....
-Do well at Bicentennial Celebration  Sold 11!!!!
-Finish paying forAND do well at KABB  Check; sold only 2, but handed out several copies of the poem!
-Start paying for Imaginarium  Only have to come up with car rental and $30, plus food!
-Progress to Stage #7 on Secret Project #2  Check!  Signed the papers yesterday and the house is ours!!

Books Read:  12
            Print:  7
         E-book:  5

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  12
                                                   Thurs:  6
                                                        Fri:  6 How's The Health?
I've lost 6 pounds (though I think I just put them back on again tonight at BW3, lol!); lab results meant my thyroid meds dropped 12 mcg, and have to retest right before Thanksgiving.  I lost my voice when the weather changed, and am hoping it soon returns, singing-wise!

October Reading Schedule:
Son of Neptune-Rick Riordan  Good story, but feel as if some parts 'dragged'.  Some of the back story was a bit tedious.
Mark of Athena-RR  Good story, though see above; and predictible...of COURSE Annabeth would be 'the one' to accomplish the goal!  Very interesting way to see how both Piper and Annabeth overcome their perceived 'inabilities' and ultimately become heroes.
Serpent's Shadow-RR

All That Remains-SM Shade
Betrayal-Aleatha Rom

October Goals:
-Thoroughly clean the new house and get it ready for our 'stuff'
  -Kitchen  Check:)
  -Dining room  Check:)
  -Living room  Check:)
     -Kids  Check:)
     -Girls  Check:)
     -Boys  Check:)
-Basement  We now have hot water!!
-Begin moving heavy furniture over
-Empty storage unit
-Do well at Imaginarium  Sold 1, but attended a workshop which was GOLD!
-Do well at Author Fair on the 15th  Cancelled
-Pay B
-Pay for OA  Check:)
-Make payments to both editor and cover artist
-Finish Ghost Story
-Finish paying for Christmas Toy and Hobby Show  Check!
-Order inventory for Christmas Show  Check:)
-Complete Secret Project #1  Going to cost $100 to mail, so tabled until Nov.

Karaoke Songs (Thurs):
Wanted-Hunter Hayes  Slightly rough, but okay....
For Your Eyes Only-Sheena Easton  Nailed it!
The Warrior-Scandal Nailed it!
Watching The Wheels-John Lennon  Bleh....waaaaayyy too low
Forever-Kiss  Nailed it!
Waterloo-Abba  Not too bad....
Watermelon Crawl-Tracy Byrd  Bleh.....too low
Forever Young-Rod Stewart  Very good!
Dream Weaver (duet with Jerry)-Gary??  Not too bad; slightly rough in spots.
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill  Nailed it:)

Living On A Prayer-Bon Jovi  Slightly too high at the end, but otherwise good...
Living In Sin-Bon Jovi  Verses slightly too low, but rocked the chorus:)
You Give Love A Bad Name-Bon Jovi  Rocked the bar:)
Blaze of Glory-Bon Jovi  Probably the best I've ever sung this!
Longer-Dan Fogleburg  Wasn't too awful....
The Long Goodbye-Brooks and Dunn  Not too bad....
Cheater, Cheater-Joey and Rory Think I nailed it??
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee-Grease  Did fine until last verse....different words appeared.  NY version??
Lose Yourself-Eminem  Switching this to Thursday, since I know I can get 'help' on it!
Losing My Religion-REM  Ugh.....way too low!
Lost In Emotion-Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam  Wasn't too awful!
Lost In Love-Air Supply  Bleh....too low....
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill  1)  Warbled my way through and blew a few lines....
Lotta Love-Nicolette Larson  DNH
Love Bites-Def Leppard  Surprisingly, this was pretty good!
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill  Did well:)

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