Friday, March 3, 2017

Flashback Friday: Day Trip With Dad!

March 1977:
Mom was still studying hard for her Master's degree in Health Education, so one day Dad announced he had a special treat in mind for my sister and I.  We would drive to Chicago and spend the day at the Science and Industry Museum.

I remember being fascinated by the Doll House, and longed to spend more time listening to the description, but since we had a lot to do and see, I had to be content with listening to one of the 'phones', then accompanying Dad to other exhibits.

I THINK the submarine was a new attraction; it wasn't in its current 'home'; I remember having to go outside to go through it.  I do remember the joke about the drunk coming out of the bar and being stuck in traffic while the submarine was being moved!

Ten years would go by until my sister made a return trip, bringing me a wax mold of that doll house..."I remember how much you loved it!", and it wouldn't be until 2015 until I returned with my youngest, along with my sister and her two kids, to tour the museum again.  We saw the Doll House (now I know it's actually called the Fairy Castle!), the submarine, the coal mine, and ended the day with a trip to Giordano's Pizza:)

Next Month:  The Circus!

Present Day:
I've been hard at work the past week, to reformat all my AU books with page numbers and headers, as well as updating the copyright page.  Finished #7 yesterday, which means today, I get to turn my attention to Kenzie's three books (Wild At Heart, Heart's Last Chance, and NiKoh's Chosen), so they all match the interior of Kira's Slice of Pizza:)

I'm also hoping to send off the check for the booth rental at the Eagles Craft Show on the 18th.  Local author NE Riggs (fantasy genre) may join me, which will give her an idea of what to expect next month when we're at Karen's Book Barn in La Grange, KY:)

This weekend, I'm off to Mom and Dad's again.  Mom wants to go through a couple of chests, as well as finish the jewelry inventory.  I was supposed to leave tomorrow, but just discovered my Teen (he turned 13 on Wednesday!) has a band concert on Sunday.  So can't leave until then, sigh!

Going to the church's Fish Fry tonight, then off to the Open Gallery for the kick-off of the First Fridays again.

Weather this week has still been good, in the 50s and 60s, and we had rain on Wednesday.

What words set your teeth on edge?  Kenzie's blogging about that today.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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