Friday, March 17, 2017

Flashback Friday: Signing The Papers!

March 1997:
The weather improved; our application for a new home had been approved, so we met with N American Housing to sign the papers and make the down payment on our new home.  Mom and Dad loaned us $5K, and even came down to watch the kids while we did this.  To celebrate, we all went out to dinner.

There was one slight hitch:  After we sat through the the long, boring explanation of EVERYTHING (I was ready to scream; surely a child could even understand all the terms?), and D haggling over the issue of dirt being trucked in (as an operator, he knew there would be enough dirt in the hole dug for the foundation to spread around and back-fill; none would be needed to be trucked in!), we reached the final page when Carol realized she'd used the wrong form.  In front of us, she ripped up all but the final page, where we'd signed, and told us she'd redo it, and there was no need for us to return to initial/sign all over again.  We naively believed her.

Fast-forward several months when our contract arrived; the order for three trucks of dirt was back in the contract, and there was nothing we could do about it.

Next Month:  Another Fight

Present Day:
NCAA Basketball is in full swing!

I'll also be at the Eagles Craft Show tomorrow, and have already sold two of Kenzie's new book! Plus, my submissions for the Crossroads Antho have been approved, so one less thing to stress over.

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