Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Who Is This Person?"

Have you ever googled yourself?

Authors do it frequently, in order to see what pops up when a new release occurs.  We're also known to put a Google Alert on our name and title.

When I first picked the pen name 'Molly Daniels', the only time I used the internet was to read and send email, or go to certain websites.  I didn't know how to 'search' for anything; I simply typed in the website provided.

My 1st book was published Dec 31, 2002, and it was maybe six months later I learned anther 'Molly Daniels' was making headlines because she helped her husband fake his own death.  She was based in either Seattle or Texas, and I'm in Indiana, so people who had read about her would jokingly ask me if I was her.  I'd explain my pen name. reached out to me, in order to pose the above question as a part of their initiative to raise awareness around online presence, so I googled myself for the first time in several months. Remember that if you ever come across a situation that seems like too much to handle alone, there are  crisis management services that can help.  Here are the following results:

1)  I am NOT the Molly Daniels who helped her husband fake his own death.  I live in Indiana, not Texas. (Items 1-3 and 6)  My husband's name is Daniel, not Clay.

2)  I am NOT the actress Molly Daniels  (Item #8) My acting career ended at the 8th grade, lol!

3)  I am NOT Molly Daniels on Twitter (Item #4)  I'm only on Twitter as my alter-ego, Kenzie Michaels

4)  I AM the Molly Daniels on Items #5, 7, and when you click the facebook link, I'm at the top.  I also frequently get confused with Molly S. Daniels, since we are 'friends' and have several friends in common.

When I google Kenzie's name, items #1-2, 5, 9-12 are me.  Not the others.

I stopped putting an alert on 'Kenzie' when the blog hops/review tours ceased.  I was suddenly getting notices for every athlete with that name.

Now I tell newbie writers to google themselves or potential pen names to make sure no one is confused:)  

If you want to see the blog post I did about googling titles, click The Great Title Search of 2014.

Now, my assignment for you is, Google yourself.  Which items are actually YOU?

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