Friday, May 19, 2017

Flashback Friday: Catching Up 1997

In preparation for our move, I began boxing up stuff.  I also wanted to get my manuscript printed out, so went to see TS, who offered to do it.  He read it over while getting things set up and was amazed at the story I'd put together.  But afterward, we got into an argument over expectations.  What I perceived as an innocent gesture, he thought his neighbors would take the wrong way.  And when he found out I'd told a friend about him, he lectured me on the need for privacy.  Furious, I decided to leave him alone for a few weeks.

I helped my upstairs neighbors move to Greenwood, and two weeks later, they announced their intention to divorce.  K 'graduated' from Mother's Day Out, and we prepared for an enjoyable summer before our move.  The 500 was rained out, and rainy again on Monday.  They decided to run it on Tuesday, and D refused to let me get a babysitter for the kids.  I was so pissed, I declared a TV-free day so I could listen to the race on the radio.

Next Month:  The Pool:)

Present Day:
We have access to both the other houses now!  Last week, someone broke into the brown house, so Ed brought over the keys to both houses and told us to do whatever we wanted with the contents, and give him a percentage of whatever we sold.  So now we're in the process of going through everything.

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